Davin Strong, Bruce Beckham & Kane Fox

Davin Strong, who filmed most of his gay scenes at The Guy Site, had a bisexual scene at Bi Phoria and now an upcoming str8 scene at Kink (via Devine Bitches).


Bruce Beckham had 11 scenes released in 2019 by Men before he took a pause from gay porn. He has been teasing his fans of his return. His comeback scene will be at Men.


Kane Fox, who is known for his work at Helix Studios & Cocky Boys, had his first scene released by Next Door Studios last week. He recently filmed with Falcon Studios that included Chris White and Brock Bradley as Brock Brodie.



  1. Bruiser

    I find Davin extremely entertaining. His Insta posts are wild in their tantric existential egomaniacal pan sexual semi coherency. Regrettable about the tiny dick.

    • Reg

      His dick doesn’t bother me personally, because he’s not a top, he’s a bottom and a good bottom…but I don’t know what he’s talking about half the time.

      He was calling himself a witch of a voodoo princess the other day? I really wish so many of these guys didn’t have a Twitter, because some of the nonsense they come out with…

      There was Vin Roxx and his blood-letting, so many have militant political views, are Anti-vaxxers (Rocky Vallarta & Markus Kage), horribly homophobic (too many to mention), sex offenders (Johnny Rapid and “Jeb” from Sean Cody), drug addicts and the violent (Jack Mackenroth & Dolf Dietrich).

    • J

      At least you get it. Davin has NEVER been serious. If personalities had notable types his would be The Jester. He’s genuinely funny and entertaining.

  2. Ray

    Bruce Beckham, no need to return!

    • JR

      It’s the classic “I took a break, can’t find a real career so back to what I know”. If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it 70,000 times.

  3. The Porn Emperor

    Bruce Beckham had an even earlier incarnation than his period with Men. He did a bunch of movies with Michael Lucas way back in 2005-06, then had a TEN YEAR hiatus before coming back with Titan in 2016. He looked different–he wasn’t as cut back than as he was after his return.

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