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Rocky Vallarta as the crazed night stalker

Sleeping with a serial killer, literally & sexually, for the Halloween themed scene of The Bro Network.

Robert Olivier figured out that his roommate was the psycho terrorizing the community after news of another body found in the alley.

The neighborhood is being terrorized by a crazed night stalker, putting the whole community on edge.

… Rocky’s sexy roommate has discovered his secret, now he can’t leave any loose ends. Olivier awakens tied up and gagged in a plastic-covered room. Excitement and terror fill the room. In a tense moment, the truth comes to light, and the darkest secrets are revealed.

9 thoughts on “Rocky Vallarta as the crazed night stalker

    1. You beat me to saying just that. He is truly crazed. An ardent Anti-vaxer, who will degrade you for daring to have had the vaccine. He’s a very angry man and all of his Instagram Stories tend to be offensive and derogatory.

      1. Yeah, i don’t rag on people not taking a vaccine into their body, and since a friend of mine died weeks after his second Moderna shot, I think people have the right to ALWAYS make that choice. But to go after people verbally for making the choice to take it, that’s douchey.

        1. Really happy to see that someone is so closed minded that they thumbs downed my prior comment, even after revealing that I lost a friend. Get a life whoever you are…stop being so narrow minded that the thought of anyone contradicting your mindset is wrong. Geesh.

        2. I agree. The ability to choose should take precedence over anyone’s approval/disapproval. I am personally not for it, but my whole family’s been vaccinated as well as many friends. To each their own.

  1. He never had a physique that was anything special, but his body looks pretty good in those photos, like he’s been working out. Him being an ignorant A-hole makes it impossible to get off to him, though.

  2. Rocky is a hypocrite though he made sure to get monkeypox vaccine in Montreal. I don’t understand why this man is so angry? He has a decent day job. He seeks sad though he wants a partner yet chases straight white guys. He can get a boyfriend don’t understand why he chases Markus Cage?

    1. They have a particularly strange “relationship”. They’ll have sex repeatedly on their OF’s…but Markus is aggressively straight. He famously hates having sex with men, gets nothing out of it, talks about having to inject his cock to actually have sex with another men…and yet they’re all over each other on social media, sharing the same views. Ah, when Markus doesn’t get banned, because of the women/exes he stalks.

      I don’t know if Rocky is just kidding himself with Markus, of if they have an understanding.

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