Ian Cage, River, Robert Lepek, Fabian Divani & Swizz

Ian Cage (38, 5’7″, 250 lbs., 6″ cock) with his first scene at Gay Hoopla in a flip fuck with Jaxon Valor.

River (5’9″, 150 lbs., 7″ cock) with his first scene at Bait Buddies as the top to Brody Fox.

Robert Lepek (24, 6’1″, 151 lbs., 6.69″ cock) of William Higgins as the bottom at Czech Hunter in scene #666.

Fabian Divani (5’7″, 160 lbs., 7″ cock) with his first scene at Guys In Sweatpants as the bottom to Jacob Acosta.

Swizz with his first scene at Bi Latin Men as the top to Blink.


  1. OldFatGuy

    Fabian is the only one with the look that says “now that’s a porn star.”

    • Gay PR Daddy

      Not anymore. Fabian is another fake Gay just did an onlyfans Collab with the Homophobic Noahwaybabes

  2. AndThenTheresMaude

    Ok.. so after knife play comes what now? Gun play? I mean it’s dangerous enough hooking up these days on many levels, but producing stuff like this is gonna lead to alot of unfortunate situations. And yes I know there will atleast 2 people on here who will give me a thumbs down but IDGAF…

  3. Bo69

    Let’s see how far Ian Cage goes…perfect daddy material

    • Gazzaq

      I absolutely agree he is HOT!

  4. Bo69

    Ian Cage eats Jaxon’s cum and feeds his to Jaxon in a very surprising video. Ian looks very, very familiar, probably OFor JFF

    • Gazzaq

      Ian is bloody good performer and I agree he must have been on only fans for sure!

  5. rockhard288

    Ian Cage is the next star

  6. Gazzaq

    Oh l do like me a flip flop, and Jaxon’s is an alright performer as his scene with Jay Tate and Kenzi Love was really good. I am big surprised to see Ian, as I did not know that Gay Hoopla was now working with older guys, and he is a Bryce Beckett clone. But they do have a new site Sugar Daddies which no doubt is another heterosexual site thought up by the straight male owners and their female head of marketing. Ian will appear on their no doubt soon which will be a shame and he is too good for it. Watched the scene in full and its fucking excellent. Jaxon is one hot man and Ian is such excellent performer and so much livelier than Bryce Beckett He did have a few wood problems, like lot of the performers on the site, and needed a cock ring to keep him hard which I am not fan of in porn, but that did not detract me from the energy, passion and fun and loads of laughter between them! Jeez I am impressed with both of them. Well Done GH!

  7. Magnus

    Damn… Ian Cage is a sexy beast

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