9 thoughts on “Papi Kocic as a vampire

    1. He is usually a beautiful man, but “Brysen” just had a new scene at Sean Cody and it looked like his ass had been mauled. Scratch marks, wounds…I don’t know what had happened, but his backside wasn’t in good shape to film.

  1. Back in the day, Randy Blue used to do a terrific themed videos. Just a cape and plastic teeth, not even from Party City and a tattoo I wish he’d spend money on getting removed? MEN have always been pretty poor with their fantasies, but it looks like they’ve dropped their budget even lower. Maybe it all went on Malik Delgaty’s nylon wig for another of their fantasies a few months ago…

  2. Papi is more interested in flexing and posing with his arm behind his head, than putting any passion or enthusiasm into yet another scene.

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