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From Derek Bolt “Another disappointing competition unfortunately – second place despite exceeding my best package by by a huge margin. Still great progress and very proud, but sad”

The guys at Gay Hoopla are 5’s.


13 thoughts on “From Derek Bolt “Another disappointing competition unfortunately – second place despite exceeding my best package by by a huge margin. Still great progress and very proud, but sad”

  1. Brian looks a LOT younger and better unshaved and not fake tanned :-/

    I always thought his look was distinctive and great, but this new one…

  2. “Hope your rating east” ? I hope that’s multiple typos in a row because I have no idea what that means.

  3. I wish porn performers would stop with politics. That goes for celebrities as well. I think by this stage of life, people are intelligent enough to make their own decisions and we don’t need to be told what to do or who we should vote for. Keep entertaining us and doing what you do best. Just leave the significant topics of discussion for those who understand how the world works.

    1. They’re citizens just like you and I. I would much rather see some innocuous “I VOTED” tweet from a porn star than your idiotic point of view about who gets to say what on their own personal social media account.

      1. No. They are using their celebrity status to influence and undermine one’s own ability to think critically and for themselves. I don’t give a shit who posts “I voted”. Good for them. Have a fucking cookie. That was never my argument. You’re butthurt because you’re probably one of these people who bully and cajoles others into voting a particular way, then berates them when they deviate from your cult-like coercion. I’ve had it with your kind. You’re part of the problem.

      2. I am glad porn stars are asking people to vote…they have just as much right to influence others to vote as do the clowns who voted for orange julius for president

        1. You either have the attention span of a goldfish or you’re just plain stupid. Possibly both. If you had paid attention, you would’ve been able to read between the lines and see that I did not say they didn’t have the right to tell people to vote. This is the problem with myopic, tunnel-visioned people like yourself. You see what you want to see and then you make an fictitious argument of it. Now that you’ve been corrected, I’ll repeat myself for the umpteenth time. They shouldn’t be enforcing anyone to vote for a particular party (left or right). It’s coercion. Secondly, if you’re being told who to vote for by an “influencer” or anyone for that matter, you are mentally inept and you probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

          And lastly, I am not a Trump supporter. Never was a Trump supporter and the implication that I am miffed because the mid-terms didn’t go my way, just further proves how insular and lacking you are with anything outside of your echo chamber. We don’t all think alike and I stand by my statement 100x over. You can slither back into the shadows of obscurity and whimper away.

          1. alex’s comments remind me of laura ingraham telling lebron james to ” shut up and dribble” and comes from the same space

      3. jon he says that because none of these stars endorsed republicans…at least we know where he stands

    2. the intellectual arrogance of someone who says porn performers do not understand how the world works and that is they cannot talk about significant topics of discussion is amazing. you must be butt hurt that none of them listened to orange julius

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