11 thoughts on “Jay Cloud was arrested last April for selling fentanyl (tip @ MoPFan)

  1. I hope this guy gets some years not months in prison for selling that crap. Anyone selling this addictive killer doesn’t deserve sympathy.

  2. Such trash. He sure let himself go. Why in the hell do so many porn performers go down this route? If they’re not pedos and sex offenders, they’re drugheads. Also, making it even creepier, he’s reminding me of Pierce Paris. Talk about compounding a felony!

    1. lol here we go. The people who spend time following porn stars and their lives and watch gay porn (probably not paying) are, of course, stressing how superior they are and how horrible porn stars are. You all win the Grand Hypocrisy Award for today.

      1. Only a sympathizer of such trash would defend such vile behavior. Look, I love a good fuck like anyone else. I am not criticizing their career choices. I am however against two things. 1. The peddling of hard drugs (not marijuana) and 2. The exploitation and abuse of children. If you have a problem with that, you’re a sick fuck and you shouldn’t even have the freedom to be typing here.

        1. Exactly! And what kind of lame rationalization is that anyway? Eric doesn’t know what he’s talking about. What I stated has absolutely nothing to do with hypocrisy. I am confounded by this nonsense. Covertly justifying someone selling deadly narcotics on the street and then twisting the argument to something totally irrelevant. Ridiculous.

  3. PADUCAH KENTUCKY is as small hillbilly town as it gets. Nothing but bible thumpers and Crazy Right Wing Trump zombies… I am sure those rednecks will love his ass in Hillbilly Prison.
    Half the county are probably living on the DL anyway, spending every spare hour at the gay section of the truck driver adult bookstore near I-75.
    Since he was G4P he will not even enjoy the pounding coming his way…. Good !

  4. He is silly guy isn’t he? And being caught selling the same drug before and doing it again Blimey!

  5. Honestly who are these guys who keep giving thumbs down here?? I mean seriously the only person who could sympathize with a piece of work like this would be someone who has 1). Sold drugs 2).gotten caught and 3). sent to jail..

    The dude sold fentanyl… The most deadly street drug out there.. if you think “that’s hot” then you really need to check your life choices..

    1. You mean unless they have a tie and Doctors are their clients.

      I’ve got no attraction to this guy at all, but don’t assume your opinions on drug criminalization are not political.

    2. Oh I love that statement Ben “if you think “that’s hot” then you really need to check your life choices.” Class mate, but so true!

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