Manuel Rios & Vincent of Frat Men

Manuel Rios in 2009 and his latest scenes (probably filmed years ago) released by Belami Online this year. According to Belami Online, Manuel is probably their longest-filming model, and he still has unreleased scenes during the time the studio filmed scenes with condom use.

Vincent of Frat Men (now offline) in 2010 and as Vincent Hughes for his fan site.

4 thoughts on “Manuel Rios & Vincent of Frat Men

  1. I thought Ariel was up there too. He’s still gorgeous too. Versatility was a plus with him too

  2. Manuel is a god, the one they just released looks to be fairly contemporary and as always he eats his partner’s cum.

  3. Damn… VINCENT HUGHES is as HOT as it Gets.
    He actually got 100% better looking as time went by.

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