15 minutes of Finn Harding as the bottom

The Thanksgiving gift of Men to its members is the top to bottom scene of Finn Harding.

No kissing. No cock sucking. No rimming.

It went straight to fucking Finn – almost 15 minutes of the 19 minute video.

Finn was not hard as the bottom.

Men made it look like Finn shot his load while getting fucked by Malik.


  1. G4P needs to go

    I thought the rise of fansites would incentivize studios to do more than the bare minimum, but I guess not. Can’t believe people still pay for this lame, wooden garbage.

  2. trex

    The gay men who get off on really awful scenes with straight guys, like this one, make me sad. And because there obviously are so many self-loathing gay men, it means studios like @men unfortunately exist to film really bad gay porn for them.

    • K

      Self loathing gay men? 🤨

      I’m glad to see Finn getting fucked, I just hope Malik knows how to do it well

      • Reg

        I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • Gazzaq

      Mate as I said in my post below and I will repeat it:

      Its all very well moaning about Straight men in porn, but as Gay Men not only do we watch it, but demand it as well. If we stop paying money and giving attention and over supporting G4Pay guys as we all do preferring and revering this part of the industry, as millions do instead of and supporting our own full on gay porn sites/companies, and then unfortunately things will stay the same. So to be fair, its tough really as it out own doing!

    • Andy

      But these men aren’t straight most likely bisexual. The trailer showed Malik Delgaty getting fucked his cock is hard. I agree these men doing gay porn for money. Yet people ignore fact they also enjoy gay sex. Malik was rock hard getting fucked in that trailer. Finn Harding clearly been fucked up ass off camera. The acknowledge the gay porn companies selling a fantasy to gay men these models going from top to bottom. But what people ignore is these men don’t have to work in gay porn they can work in straight porn. So why don’t they? Malik Delgaty can easily work in straight porn get all the pussy he wants. People ignore the fact they choose to work in gay porn. They choose to fuck men up the ass. Expose themselves to monkeypox or HIV or other sexually transmited diseases.

      • Pat

        There are medical options to dramatically lower the risk of any diseases they might be more at risk of receiving with gay scene partners. These studios do tend to test pretty thoroughly as well.

        A lot of these straight actors are only in it for the money, which is far more than if they were the generic dick in a straight porno. If they don’t kiss and suck dick, it’s safe to say they’re not bi, and I for one have no interest in fantasizing about someone like Elliot Finn who may be convincing on camera but makes it clear how much he hates gay sex outside of that.

        Plenty of these actors use Viagra or the like to stay hard during scenes. Considering how many of them are already ‘roided up, it’s hardly a stretch for them to add one more trick to their performances.

      • K

        I still don’t really get it, why does it matter if they’re straight. As long as both Finn and Malik can take cocks up in their ass, and can actually feel good and show it well, I think it should be just fine. For amateur sites, some boys get to be mediocre when they start, shouldn’t we give them a bit of time?

        I’ve never watch or paid any attention to both of them, now I can do that! There are guys who don’t get to feel and enjoy anal stimulation when they start, but once they get used to it, they might! I think Finn a lot, hope I’ll watch him getting off from being fucked sometime.

        If they’re mediocre, please people, stop being excited about them just because they’re straight and I hope MEN stop shooting scene with them.
        But if they’re good, why does it matter that they’re straight!

  3. Cherrystick

    And the folks on our community went crazy as hell for this and Malik. What in the hell for? I hope str8 porn comes and scoops these two up and usher them to their realm of porn so that this narrative of advertising them as the blockbuster hits can diminish. It’s past time. We got nothing but bland ass sex from these two and that’s nothing different from what we’ve seen in the past from them both.

    • Gazzaq

      I have to disagree as most ‘straight guys in gay porn are boring and are revered for it. We want it, pay good money for it and give them our full attention, and the companies provide it and now we are complaining about it. They are only giving us Gay viewers what we have support for far too long and will continue to deliver this!

      • Andy

        Do you honestly believe straight people see these men who work in gay porn as 100% straight? Rocco Reed was harshly criticized for working in gay porn. He became a born again Christian and condemned his gay porn past. Yet fans online questioned Rocco Reed sexuality. I remember an African American boxer Yusuf Mack did gay porn his fiance a woman dumped him. The African American community immediately condemned and ostracized Yusuf Mack. They didn’t see it as gay for pay when Yusuf Mack fucked other men up the ass as the top. Mack also has 10 children out of wedlock with various women. His kids were humiliated and ashamed of their father.

        • Gazzaq

          Absolutely not and unfortunately the fans support this myth and attacked anyone who does not agree with their way of thinking. So rather than argue with them I let them prattle on supporting these G4Pay guys who then as always say or do something homophobic, and they are faced with an onslaught of criticism. I am so over them.

          My stance is that all of the guys who appear on Gay Porn, have considered having sex with guys before they audition. Then they cross the line so to speak and have sex multiple times on and off camera with other men and realise they enjoy it.

          Then because they are not judged too harshly by the public and their communities most of the time, there re exceptions as you mention with Rocco and Yusef, they can get away with the excuse that ‘oh we were broke at the time and just did it for the money blah blah blah” before disappearing back to their heterosexual non porn lives.

          Thus not be tarnishes with being labelled as Gay Men within their communities and can use Kinsey Reports as back up to justify their getting fucked. The fact is that being identified as being Gay in G4Pay porn is seen as being negative, hence why so few on Corbin Fisher say openly that they are gay. Zeke was perfect example of this and now lives with a man!

          So in essence what I am saying is that they want to have sex with men do so in safe controlled environment are revered for it and later on have continue having gay sex on the down low and later end living with guys!

        • Reg

          I think Rocco was actually driven over the edge. He might well have been bisexual and okay with that, but he was subjected to the most extreme hate campaign I’d ever seen. The website has been shut down now, but over and over again, he was shamed for doing gay porn. This guy/guys used to post his home address, including when he moved. His phone number, family’s phone numbers and addresses…he was hounded for literally years. During it, he made a comeback to gay porn, but was then driven off again by these “Straight Porn Gods” and people who vilified “Crossovers”. I think ran screaming to the church in apology for a homosexual lifestyle. I’m not sure if he’s an anti-gay pastor, but it’s all a little uncomfortable. I do know that he talks about his past in sermons, but I think with a remorseful and condemning way. He’s somewhere between a closet case and a basket case and I think has four children, almost like he’s trying to prove something to himself and others. It’s such a shame, because he turned out great performances.

  4. bsg67

    Seriously were we expecting anything else from G4P trash

  5. Gazzaq

    Just watched it and really enjoyed it.

    It was a good set up Finn Harding is fucking fit and took Malik’s Dick like pro.

    Young Finn has bottomed before off camera for sure, that body does not lie.

    Very nice and am looking forward to Maliks second deflowering on screen. He makes me laugh as he is bit of a dork with fit old bod and thinks he is all that, brimming with self-importance / over confidence lol!

    P.S Guys, Its all very well moaning about Straight men in porn, but as Gay Men not only do we watch it, but demand it as well. If we stop paying money and giving attention and over supporting G4Pay guys as we all revering this part of the industry, as millions do instead of and supporting our own full on gay porn sites and then things will stay the same. So it its tough really!

    • Gazzaq

      Like I said and this is backed up by all of yous down votes

      Its all very well moaning about Straight men in porn, but as Gay Men not only do we watch it, but demand it as well. If we stop paying money and giving attention and over supporting G4Pay guys as we all revering this part of the industry, as millions do instead of and supporting our own full on gay porn sites and then things will stay the same. So it its tough really!

      Stop Giving Them Attention!

  6. Andy

    It was awful the ugly masculine woman with the fake breasts a total joke. This a gay porno and women are a turn off in it. Finn obviously been fucked up the ass by other men in the past. To take Malik Delgaty huge cock without straining.

  7. Joe

    I find the comments here , incredible ! I actually think its the people who are continually obsessed about other peoples and especially porns stars sexuality /Orientation that are the are the sad ones. No ones true identity is based on sexuality alone . Porn is porn ! sadly i been an “addict “most of my life.but None of this is real and it doesn’t really mattersin the grand scheme of life.. Its Escape !! so enjoy… for the record – I agree about the quality of Men.coms videos and performances regardless of the performers orientation..
    Malik & Finn are both hot guys.. the fact that they make themselves incredibly vulnerable for money & approval / acceptance – thats where the real story is at ..

    • Gazzaq

      Mate they are in Gay Porn and people are continually obsessed about other peoples and especially porn stars sexuality /orientation and they are not sad and keeps up the myth and turns the fan on. They clearly love the delusion and it their choice to be fair!

    • Lamar

      FINALLY!!! Someone who gets it! Porn is experienced with your eyes, cock and hand. If you need to know who the actors voted for, who they sleep with when they’re not working, if they are vegetarian…. That’s thinking above and beyond. Enjoy or not is up to viewer, but the bottom line is if it turns you on or not. If not, SWIPE TO THE LEFT, Simple as that.

    • K

      I’m just glad they managed to get Finn and Malik to get fucked, and I hope more is coming and they both excel at it, meaning they can take it, enjoy the anal stimulation, and express it well

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