Malik Delgaty had a hard-on the entire time as the bottom

After Finn Harding got fucked, it was the turn of Malik Delgaty to bottom for the first time at Men with Finn as his top.

No kissing. No cock sucking.

Rimming from Finn had the tip of his tongue almost touch Malik’s hole.

Malik was fingered before he was fucked by Finn.

Malik had a hard on the entire time as the bottom. While, Finn was unable to maintain a full hard on from time to time.

Finn’s cock didn’t look like it was inside Malik during the time Malik jacked off to shoot his load.

17 thoughts on “Malik Delgaty had a hard-on the entire time as the bottom

    1. There’s Viagra and Cialis obviously, but there was a gay porn star not too long ago who said that one of these studios insisted on injecting something into their models’ penises :-/

      In this video, Finn was so soft when he was “fucking” Malik that he had to hold his dick at the end to even get it inside.

      If you can’t get hard and do the job, without medication or injectables, then get a different one! No one is forcing these guys to do this and they’re not exactly earning their money with floppy flip-flops.

  1. I know that not every guy stays hard when they bottom and a lot of these G4Payers don’t enjoy the sensation even, but when he’s floppy and has this cross between vacant, bored and simpleton look on his face the whole time, there’s just nothing here worth watching.

    They may as well just not have bothered, but then that’s true with so many of their “stars”.

    1. Agreed! It’s not about whether they’re always hard, and obviously not whether they’re straight, it’s about how they feel and express their feelings. It can be voluntary, like how they talk, moan, or non-voluntary, like how their eyes react or their body or muscles. But as long as they enjoy it, or learn to enjoy it, I think it’s good enough.

      1. Or another kind of porn, which I sometimes weirdly enjoy is for the boy to be totally used, if he’s willing to. Like you can’t get hard? No matter, just take it in your ass.

  2. The people saying Malik took viagra are ridiculous. He’s a young healthy man. You can tell that erection is genuine sexual attraction. Finn Harding clearly didn’t enjoy getting fucked his cock was limp. You can’t fake that obvious Malik got fucked up ass by other men in Montreal off camera. He takes Finn Harding huge cock easily up his ass. Malik is a pro bottoming and he actually did a good job. He is moving his hips showing enthusiasm he loves getting fucked up the ass! He reminds me of another French Canadian porn model William Seed. They both love getting fucked by other men.

    1. Sad that you have to convince yourself that this pathetic G4$ model actually likes gay sex. LOL, that you think his erection shows “genuine sexual attraction.”

      1. Trex mate Malik loves Gay Sex that body does not lie and I have watched a shed load of porn over the years! The other Finn guy I can kind of believe he either has no interest and this is paying he is dep in the closet and dare nit show how inti men he actually is! And this is not wishful thinking!

        1. Is it strange that as long as the bottom expresses well, I don’t mind if he gets hard or not. I still wish Finn continues to bottom and get better at it though.

    2. Agree except for Finn Harding huge cock comment, as he is only 7 inches nearer probably to 6 inches, and he was flaccid most of the time.😂

  3. Malik was good and clearly take a big dick in his rear, Finn was not the man for him lol as he was flaccid. The pretend disgust at kissing was hilarious, as these twos are bigger queen then me lol. I like the first scene with Finn getting fucked this one was lacking!

  4. Y’all are hilarious in these comments. lol. Acting like you’re dating Malik or something, or can speak to his sexual practices, directly. I mean, shit; maybe you do know him or have fucked around with him… always a possibility. But to be “upset” he bottomed, or try to say he’s on Viagra or Cialis (and so what?) & THAT’S why he’s hard? Ha! I’m sitting here just watching his hot fucking ass w a dick in it. So hot. Wish it were my face & dick up in there. I’m hard, enjoying it! Malik is clearly in love with himself, his reflection; I’m guessing he’s turned on just thinking to himself, “damn Malik baby you look so good right now; make that $$$, babe.” Hahaha

    Most str8 or bi guys I’ve known, who are curious about ass play, are usually so turned-on that they ARE hard the whole time. Not to mention, drugs or not, I personally don’t care even if he did take something. At least that fine dick is hard! I don’t, however, like the studio’s pairing of them together. Awkward choice kinda. And Finn could’ve eaten Malik’s ass longer… that’s if I truly had complaints. And for me personally, maybe not enough used/sloppy hole footage at the end, creampie, etc. but damn. I can get over the rest of that shit real quick.

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