Finn Harding as the bottom or Malik Delgaty as the bottom?

After watching the Top to Bottom scenes of Finn Harding & Malik Delgaty at Men, who do you think did it better as the bottom?

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Who did it better as the bottom: Finn Harding vs. Malik Delgaty
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Ends on 11/30/2022

12 thoughts on “Finn Harding as the bottom or Malik Delgaty as the bottom?

  1. I know it’s a slow week for porn, but why are there FIVE posts about this ONE scene on just the first page??

    NONE of us are that interested in a single scene between these two.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. Why are we bombarded with non deserving praise for these two?! They’ve done something that plenty of others have done and will do. It’s not highlight worthy.

      1. I thought these were good scenes. They certainly won’t go down in history as anything special, but still, I like both of these performers. I could have done without creepy chick at the beginning. Corny and prolonged storylines that include women are really unsexy.

  2. Finn I note has 1/4 of the votes but was far better bottom and an absolutely crap top as he could not even get hard. Malik was hard throughout topping and bottoming but a far better top then Finn who just could not cut it. Finn he should of gone to Corbin Fisher to be banged out by Rocky et al and Liam et al!

    1. I’ll be so happy if Finn goes to CF and gets fucked by Rocky, Barron, Liam, or Jordan. Well you know what, all I hope is he gets better at bottoming and does a lot more of it.

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