Randy Blue will be relaunched on the week of Black Friday

It has been years since Randy Blue released an update. A much loved porn studio due to their models. They held back producing bareback content till 2015. By 2016, they started buying Eastern European content, which signaled the decline in membership. And, in 2017, it stopped releasing new scenes.

Back in March, Roman Todd tweeted that he filmed a scene for Randy Blue.


Randy Blue has been redesigned.

I’ve been told that Randy Blue will release a new scene on the week of Black Friday.


  1. McM.

    Guessing the performers are the same guys that are on every other site.

    But if it’s hot, it’s hot. We’ll see.

  2. AndThenTheresMaude

    Wake me when they bring Colt men back..

  3. Bruiser

    Will Chris Rockford come out of retirement? He did a foot tickling vid recently.

  4. Jupiter83

    Justin Owen will be vehemently opposed to RB rereleasing his scenes. Expect him to sue the studio with the help of his lawyer named Jesus.


      Some of his scenes have been released by Say Uncle. One of the best sluts of the gay porn…

    • Jackson

      Justin turned Christian? He was such an enthusiastic performer

    • Bangle

      Don’t think he’s religious anymore. He got clean and sober and now living NYC, trying to become an actor these days.

      • Jason

        How do you know he’s in NY? I heard he was fine in TX.

  5. Edie

    I wanna see Christian Sharp and Chris Rockway back in action. Yes I have a thing for guy name Chris.

  6. Cherrystick

    I’m sorry but when I see that Roman Todd is one of the models to so call revive the site, I expect the same roster of boring guys that swarm all the sites. I’m hoping not but his presence makes me think otherwise.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they got some of their original cuties to come out of the woodwork and do some scenes. Maybe my crush Marcel Cruz or maybe some other names like Nicco Sky or Lucky Daniels. I know it’s a long shot but a boy can dream.

    • Reg

      It was a time before social media, so a guy would do gay porn, quit, carry on with his life and HAVE NO IDEA that he still has a fanbase. For a legend for return, it would mean them being told or discovering for themselves that they’re still wanted.

      Reese Rideout never forgot, which is why he return. I’m not sure what Rockway is thinking, since he reappeared a few weeks ago on that foot fetish website. The others…it was either an interlude, something they’ve blotted out of their minds and would deny to their wives, or they just don’t know their own appeal.

  7. Ted

    I miss Randy Blue… (how weird is it that one can feel nostalgic for a porn site) I expect a lot of new models, models everyone else is using, but there are a lot of Only Fans models, I hope they aren’t opposed to using more obscure ones.

    I also hope more than anything to see some of the old models again (even if they aren’t as in shape anymore, I just want to see more of some of them). Alex Eden was my favorite, but I’d also like to see them pick things back up again with Nathan Cruz, Duke Campbell, Johnny Angel, Abele Place, Andrew Stark, Patrick Dunne, Shawn Abir, Richard Pierce, Nick Sterling, Cayden Ross…maybe Jeff Powers… I don’t know, I’m pretty excited even though I expect it to be a let down. (don’t mind Jordan Levine, Jarec Wentworth, or Jay Landford either, even though I think they have onlyfans… I’ll even welcome back Diego Sans!)

    I kind of expect Chris Rockway or Austin Wolf to make a comeback, maybe Colby Keller. It’d be fun to see them as well. (I WISH we got Chris Bines back… but I think he still might be in jail for selling weed.. in florida… rolls eyes )

    • Ted

      Oh yeah, that reminds me… I really hope they end up poaching some ignored models from other sites. Sean Cody’s Beck, Philip, Hector and Nicky come to mind, maybe Matteo, and Lachlan too. I don’t mind if they got Zack or Eli from Corbin Fisher, or Jack Greyson from Next Door. I’m just putting out wishes at this point, ones I know won’t come true, but still have fun thinking about.

  8. Reg

    Randy Blue in its day, had the greatest video releases of all the sites. The guys were all hunks, they all fucked, what more could you ask for?

    Chris Rockway, Reese Rideout, Xander Scott (RIP), Malachi Marx…beautiful men, who might all have been Gay4Pay, but they did the lot in their videos. They all sucked, they all fucked, they all got fucked and no one coasted.

    When Randall sold out, the site fell apart and it’s now a thing of the past. Roman to try and relaunch it? Unless they actually got Rockway back and used him as a figurehead, a revival isn’t possible and the attempt will just be embarassing.

    • Jason

      Anyone repeatedly doing gay porn isn’t straight. You have to have an openess to be with guys in such an intimate way. Their at least sexually bisexual even if they never admit it.

      • Reg

        And they never will admit it. These guys compartmentalize their gay porn pasts and I’m sure would deny it to their last, or claim exploitation.

        Chad Bannon always said that he was forced into gay porn, but he made half a dozen videos where he topped, bottomed, sucked guys off and posed for dozens of gay magazines over years.

        Whether it’s internalized homophobia, embarrassment in front of kids and wives/girlfriends/family or just because they don’t feel it was “macho” to have had sex with men, they won’t ever admit being anything other than straight.

  9. Golden Time

    Come back Derek Diamond.

  10. Cal Q. Later

    When I hear Randy Blue, I think Chris Rockway.

  11. The Porn Emperor

    Cayden Ross was one of my all-time favorite performers. Such charisma.

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