From Sharok “#iran #IranProtests #Woman_Life_Freedom”

David has not tweeted since his “going to end my life” tweet.

Ricky Larkin deleted two tweets directed to Colby Jansen and his ex-girlfriend “Enough is enough. We been broken up for a year and a half and you still are obsessed with me. JUST STOP. @mrPam”.

What happened to his upper arm – effects of an image editing app?

9 thoughts on “From Sharok “#iran #IranProtests #Woman_Life_Freedom”

  1. Ricky Larkin now claiming autistic to perpetually feel like a victim. Guess being pansexual didn’t work out

    1. No clue about their beef but I know Colby does read this blog. Someone made a comment about him screwing anything on here a while back , and it showed up later as a veiled comment from him on his twitter.

      1. A lot of porn stars read MOP. Aspen Solomon, Diesel Washington, Andrew Stark, Reese Rideout, Collin Simpson, Dante Colle…

  2. Seems like most of these guys are all about drama. If you are a porn guy people are probably looking at your account for your body/hook-ups videos… or maybe a fitness tip. Have a separate account under your real name if you want to post about your political views, a new haircut, or other boring stuff. In addition, I hope some of these guys are in therapy based on some of the posts.

  3. Interesting to see a few faces I’ve not seen in a while.

    Mason Wyler looks so much bulkier now. That time spent away from the industry must’ve been spent everyday at the gym. Not to be a downer, but I kinda liked him more with a swimmer’s build. I know I’m in the minority here.

    What the hell is Ricky Larkin yammering about? I think he’s grasping for straws to deviate from the controversies that are always surrounding him. Not buying the autistic tag. I do think he’s incredibly prejudiced and narrow-minded though. I’m so over him. That applies to Damien Kyle and Collin Simpson as well. Bird of a feather… And as for Pierce Paris. Dude! Seriously? You’re just fucking weird. Jackass is so 2003. Nobody finds your eccentric genitalia infused artwork and comedy skits the least bit entertaining.

    Wow. I can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with what Sharok has to say. That’s a new one for me.

    And last, but not least…Wade Wolfgar is just hot. There. I’ve said it.

  4. Now, either Collin is still “unnatural” and abusing steroids and that’s why his skin is still so acned and clammy, or he’s just permanently damaged himself and abused his body to the point that it looks deformed.

    That’s not normal muscle definition and he looks half dead and thoroughly unhealthy.

  5. I will ignore all the usual bullshit from all the usual posting supposed “stars” …
    It gets so ponderous every week with the grifting and bitching and attention starved crying…
    Instead, lets talk about SEAN WEISS ! Wow, I have completely slept on him. Who is he? Where did he come from?
    Now this guy looks like a PORN STAR !

  6. It’s crazy how many people are on steroids. Mason’s proportions just look ridiculous, and I’m not a fan of slurs being thrown around like that.

    Wade, if you actually wanted people to focus on your hair you wouldn’t have included your semi-erect dick in the photo, but you know that wouldn’t generate as many likes/retweets. People are only following you due to sexual interest, so they are obviously going to engage with the sexual aspects of the things you post and ignore the rest. It seems a bit ridiculous to chastise someone for this.

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