Will Malik Delgaty bottom this time around?

Last year, Men shared a teaser of an upcoming scene of Malik Delgaty where he was fucked for the first time by Paul Wagner.


It did not happen when that scene was released by MenBut as Paul tries to fuck Malik for the first time ever onscreen, his cock won’t fit! Luckily, Felix Fox shows up to teach a class on bottoming, telling Paul to take notes as he rides Malik expertly.

That day has come.

Men tweeted today that, aside from Finn Harding, Malik will bottom for the first time in a scene to be released this coming Black Friday.



  1. Bucko

    OMG! I may combust! LOL The thought of Finn Harding getting fucked was hot enough but to add Malik as well in a flip flop scene will be insanely over the ‘top’, pardon the pun! Too bad it’s not 2 separate scenes so we can ‘stretch’ out the enjoyment.

  2. Reg

    MEN’s photos can be INCREDIBLY misleading. That position probably doesn’t exist in the video, which might just be an inch in token gesture, maybe not even that, before it just becomes a flip-flop.

    And Finn as the top? There seems to be a third guy in the video, so unless it’s a power top who’s really going to shag Malik hard, then this is guaranteed to be underwhelming and all just hype.

  3. Mike

    Yeah, I remember that scene from last year with Paul Wagner – what a joke. It would be pathetic if men.com has anything but a stellar scene after all the hype. At the end of the day, it’s just bottoming. If the model doesn’t want to do it, fine, but don’t insult your customers with lies and a fake performance.

    • Camille

      He lose his anal virginity (at least con camera) with Paul. What you gonna see is a extended version of his bottoming

  4. Dorian Lumeski

    What a disgrace

  5. Bruiser

    G4P Ken Doll bottoms and like everything else does it badly.

  6. Gazzaq

    We moan about it yet continue to subscribe, support and revere these guys in Gay Porn! Go Figure!”

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