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Austin of Sean Cody & Roman of Corbin Fisher at Men for Christmas

A Christmas themed scene of Jake Preston will be released this week by Men. The scene partner of Jake was Damian Night, who we know as Roman at Corbin Fisher, who now has 50 scenes released since he was introduced in 2020.

The scene included the parents of Jake where the dad was played by Mitch Cox, who started in gay porn as Austin at Sean Cody in 2004.

9 thoughts on “Austin of Sean Cody & Roman of Corbin Fisher at Men for Christmas

  1. Ah well good for Damian/Roman as he looked a bit lost on twitter since he was not asked back to work at Corbin Fisher. He will do well wherever he ends up as he is damn good performer.

    1. He was not asked back? As in CF wasn’t happy to continue to hire him? Does CF really think he has a big enough of a stable of boys at the moment?

      1. No idea but on his twitter page he stated that they have not called him to work with them for a while, but they are still releasing his films and praising him on their twitter page for his nomination for his 3 way scene with dull Dylan!

  2. Roman was in Sean Cody before he turned a star in Corbin Fisher, as Noah. Two scenes only,

    1. I totally forgot –

  3. Austin, now known as Mitch Cox, is still very hot and is somewhat of a daddy fixture at Carnal sites like Twink Trade, Masonic Boys and Boy for Sale.

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