From William Seed “hello friends, I have a personal problem, i will follow a 26 day therapy to cure an addiction that is hurting me ♥♥thank love and support” (tip @ Alias74)

William Seed sent this message to his fan site, which only members can read. Nothing has been tweeted by William with regards to this issue.

William [movies] only had scenes released at Men, the last one released was dated October 29, 2021.


  1. Gazzaq

    Blimey thats a shame and I hope he gets all the help that he needs to sort out his situation.

    • Jay

      Gaz I share your sentiments. William has always come across as a person of mental strength and good humor. The mere fact he is taking time away to get professional help at what would gather is an inpatient facility gives us hope. I wish him the very best.

  2. HermanCee

    Am I being cruel or cold for getting pissed off by guys asking for money for drug or medical or legal reasons?

    • Gazzaq

      No mate you rnot and Roman Todd did it years ago. And when I ask him, why could he not get a job to raise the money himself he called me a ‘Cunt’ on QMN, hence why I not fan of his!

      • Oz

        I read that thread. I lost all respect for Roman Todd at that point. He showed himself to have the negative attributes of a loser.

      • Cherrystick

        Oh hell no. That’s some POS type of stuff right there. To think that our fellow gays flock over his self righteous ass. Wasn’t really a big fan of his but after hearing this, I’m definitely not a fan.

      • Jay

        Gaz that was years ago during a time of crisis for Roman. In my own personal experience, I believe in second chances (read the bottom of my emails) especially over an incident which happened years ago. Now I’ve only received kind and thoughtful responses from Roman or a representative of his and I truly believe he is the hardest working model in the industry both in studio work but his OnlyFans account. Those just starting their Onlyfans account would be well served to see the hard work, variety of content and collaborations and you will NEVER be duped by viewing a 30 second clip.

    • The Porn Emperor

      There’s nothing wrong with their asking for money. Not so sure about those who actually give money to someone they only know through watching them fuck on screen.

    • C.J.

      I feel about it the same as I would a Hollywood actor asking for money…oh wait, I’ve never seen a Hollywood actor asking for money because they are overcoming addiction. You know, I respect a good hustle, but I don’t buy into bullshit.

  3. Max

    This was like the worst kept secret in the Montreal gay porn circles. Last I heard he had a kid with some girl yet was still stripping/ renting and using at the strip club in the village where he was “discovered”.. Next he’ll be announcing that he’s retiring from porn and moving to Quebec City, like so many before him.

    • K

      Is it wrong if I wish that he gets better and come back to porn to bottom more? He was doing that more often at the end which I love.

    • Jay

      Maybe or quite the opposite. As share more information from a local perspective I certainly see where your comments come from, but at this point it’s all subjective or gossip. I’ll wait to decide.

  4. thrill_admire (@jiTa4BxjaHooxi9)

    Hope he get better quickly. I like his fast fucking and his bottoming

  5. Andy

    William Seed had a job he worked in construction I think in Montreal area. Good to see he is addressing the addiction issue. Drug use is huge with gay porn models. I hope gets help but can one month really help? I think he will need to quit porn industry get away from triggers to be cured. Markie More quit gay porn a few years ago because it hurt his mental health.

    • Reg

      Addiction is a lifelong struggle. One really very short stint in rehab isn’t going to miraculously “cure” it. He does identify as straight, but he’s been doing gay porn and that’s probably taken a terrible toll on his mind. He’s been getting more and more extreme tattoos and I sometimes think doing that is a cry for help. I really hope he’s going to come back from this, because so many don’t and it can end in suicide or an accident drug overdose, but not even a month to end an addiction that I’m assuming has been going on for years? He’s setting himself up for a massive fall and the fall with be back into a drug habit.

      • Jay

        Everything in your comment is spot on. I spent 3 months in inpatient rehab, 28 days at one, and two months a year later. Yes I was very fortunate to attend the centers I did, but reaching out is number one and inpatient care at any cost can be invaluable. And then the hard work begins. Addiction is a disease of the brain no different from any other potentially fatal disease but the stigma STILL associated with it is simple cruelty and having worked in a hospital emergency room I’ve seen firsthand the “treatment” they receive. Horrific cruelty as often these are dual diagnosis people who present on the surface as drunk, loud and obnoxious, but in their brain is schizophrenic, bipolar, PTSD and on and on but not treated. 90 % of the people you see covered by a piece of cardboard in the streets in San Francisco, Los Angeles etc are not only suffering addiction but underlying conditions we simply ignore or the money needed to help these people is never made available to help this plague, but the criticism and disgust openly shared is often from those preventing those funds in the first base. One word. SAD

  6. Jay

    Drugs, criminal records, and financial ruin are the main reasons straight men do Gay porn. Yet, you’ll still find deranged gays who convince themselves that these guys secretly like the sex so they can keep their straight guy fantasies alive.

  7. Scott

    For a supposedly straight guy, William Seed sure seems to enjoy bottoming. He’s almost always rock hard while bottoming, even more than some gay porn stars. I think he’s at least bi.

  8. BR

    He’s one of the manliest model I have seen. Usually I lose interest in tops when they bottom often (once is forgivable lol). But this guy, I never lose interest no matter what. I miss him.
    Get well soon my Quebecois prince!

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