5 thoughts on “Clayton (2010) of Fratmen in his latest scene

  1. You have to give credit to a “performer” who has managed to stay in the business for more than a decade without actually doing “the business”.

    Clearly this is someone who is still able to find work in the adult industry while doing as little as possible in return to yield money for their “efforts”

      1. I meant credit to this “performer” for finding a way to make easy money for little effort in return.

        The fact that there is a studio out there willing to pay him time and again for his “services” proves that there is both a studio and audience that want this kind of content.


    1. We are in the OnlyFans era now. Check out if he has one Most likely he’s on film fucking women with enthusiasm. If not then I’m super surprised, but won’t be when he eventually does get to that point.

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