1. Pavel Ford

    CHANCE HART …… Disgusting on Many levels.
    Boy made a lot of bad decisions

    • IDK

      I will always wonder why some pornstars like to go for the drug addict look with all those ugly tattoos.

      This isn’t attractive, like, at all.

  2. Magnus

    I feel bad for this person. It’s twisted and disturbing. This story probably isn’t going to end well.

  3. Jktooo

    There comes a point where no matter how shoved in ur face that u MUST ACCEPT I just cant.

  4. Alex W

    Just what every gay man wants. A vagina. 🤮

    • Gay PR Daddy

      This site needs to only feature real men not imposters on Testosterone.

      • Alex W

        Agreed. But this is what it’s come to. To deny snatch would be non-inclusive. We can’t have that! Heaven forbid us misogynistic bastards have the audacity to be disgusted by female genitalia. The woke police will come and cancel our asses and allow us a limited number of dicks per month.

    • Alex W

      I think 8 people here misunderstood my sarcasm. I didn’t mean that gay men wanted to have a vagina, themselves, rather a vagina attached to a significant other/partner I certainly don’t. I couldn’t be more proud to have a swinging schlong.

  5. IDK

    And here we go again… sigh.

    This shit is really reaching critical mass, isn’t it?

  6. Gay PR Daddy

    This is called Men of Porn. Feature real men. This is no dude.

  7. Cherrystick

    No site strictly dickly any longer. Gay porn is being blurred and diminished every day. Gay men aren’t wanting to see vaginas at all in their sexual realms. The ones who say they do, aren’t gay men. They’re on the bisexual spectrum. Point blank.

    • IDK

      Most of the people behind gay porn aren’t gay at all and the few ones who are indeed gay tend to be pushovers who fear retaliation over their objections to this.

      Remember: in the current “inclusive” porn paradigm is less acceptable to not want to fuck a FtM than to be a sex pest or have a gigantic rap sheet.

      Remember some years ago when MindGeek started to flood their gay sites with bisexual content? It’s the same thing, really.

      The difference is that now they can pretend the king is fully clothed and say this is gay porn, even though it isn’t.

    • Andy

      Okay so a gay man who has NEVER had sex with a woman but jerks off to FTM porn isn’t gay? I like FTM porn but only if the model has a masculine appearance. Luke Hudson is attractive he looks masculine. You wouldn’t know he has a vagina unless you saw it.

    • Gay PR Daddy

      Hey Cherry stick email me it’s Luis

  8. Philby


  9. Bsg67

    Not my cup of tea but if it rocks your world awesome and if being who you were born to be also awesome. But I like dick, funnily enough I find the bad ink and piercings more of a turn off than the V.

  10. Rockhard288

    FTM models always need to butch it up with either hair or tattoos or both to prove how manly they are. Obvious compensation. But if they are truly men like the mantra says then way the need to go overboard?

  11. Reed Mann

    Its sad that a mentally Ill straight woman that is pretending to be a gay man just to get dick. She needs help for her mental illness. This kinda stuff has gotten out of hand.

    • Epic Shade

      I find it interesting that you’ve diagnosed him as mentally ill for wanting to be the person he wants to be. There was a time when homosexuality was considered a mental illness and frankly, I’m glad we’ve progressed since then. Do you think then that gay men are just straight men pretending to enjoy dick?
      And how has “this kinda stuff” gotten out of hand? Because somehow you think they should be institutionalized (since you think it’s mental illness) or they should just live their lives pretending to be the straight people you think they are just so you don’t have to see such imagery in your computer while you beat off!

      • Alex W

        Whether they’re mentally ill is beside the point and is open to debate. I don’t care what they identify as or who they fuck. No one with an ounce of character or humanity would deny them the right to live the lives they choose to live. My issue isn’t so much with FTMs as it is with the people who are trying to demonize those who don’t want to have sex with a person who has a vagina between their legs. Call yourself a man until the cows come home. Grow a beard, wear the most butch clothes you desire. It’s still not going to change the fact that you’ve got a twat. If you’re a gay man claiming to be sexually aroused by that, I’d suggest you redefine your orientation and perhaps even do a little soul searching. It doesn’t make you less of a human being. It just means you ain’t gay. At least not entirely. We’ve got to stop living in the twilight zone and reside in reality a bit more.

        • Alex W

          Reexamine* Not redefine.

      • Reed Mann

        She is a woman she can call herself what ever she wants but truth she is not a man. Body Dysmorphia is a mental illness. Its not biological. Gay, Lesbian and Bi sexual people have the biological gene. she is pretending to be a gay man and she is not. Nothing wrong with being a butch woman but again she is a woman with a mental illness.

      • IDK

        We don’t have to see it until some tone deaf porn network trying way too hard to be “inclusive” starts plastering this shit all over gay porn sites.

        Also stop comparing homosexuality with transgenderism.

        A person doesn’t need surgery or to take body-altering medications in order to be gay, that’s the key difference here.

        No amount of gaslighting is going to turn PiV sex into gay sex, no matter how hard you try.

    • Bsg67

      Only a few decades ago the same “mentally ill” arguments were used to oppress gay men and women.

  12. Bsg67

    Nice to see so many JK Rowling fanboys posting comments

  13. Andy

    I don’t understand the tattoos I notice plenty of FTM models do it. Do they think it is more masculine or manly to have tattoos? Just wondering?

    • Bone

      If porn remained stagnant, as it did for years, we would only see skinny white guys fucking skinny white guys with a once in a blue moon person of color. Much like falcon did and belami does now. Sure, FTM may not be everyone’s flavor for sex, but it is a “thing” now and deserves to be shown just as much the ugly popular models featured weekly from the major companies. I get it. I am old enough to remember when models who had sex with, back then the called them trannies, chick’s with dicks…your career was over. Now, it too, is a “thing”. Be mindful these are people too. Everyone has their own tastes and level of attraction to a type but that does not mean other types are not allowed to exist.

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