It’s Newbies Month at Sean Cody this January

In the past, Sean Cody released a solo every Monday. Nowadays, there is no definite schedule for a solo release. To kick off 2023, January is Newbies Month at Sean Cody.

Presley Scott was first introduced. It was followed by his scene with Brogan.

Last week, Brad Fury was introduced followed by Cole via his scene as the bottom to Sean.

This week, James was introduced. It will be followed by David this coming Friday via his scene with Eddie Burke.

Hottest new jocks according to Sean Cody.


  1. Bo

    Woof all around

    • Bo

      In particular David who should really be at CF but who looks like the love child of Masyn Thorne and Jay Tee, right down to a Masyn-like full bush.

  2. Bryan

    Again no Asians, Pacific Islanders or Latinos. But we keep getting the same Chads

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