2 thoughts on “Clayton Foster won as your favorite model for December 2022

  1. Thanks for sharing this brief erotic clip from the Boys4Sale series on Carnal Media, Quastaroth! Clayton Foster is going to be very popular as a nicely muscled submissive to the Masters in this series, and MasonicBoys. He is far better built than the majority of the boys Carnal regularly uses, and that just makes his scenes hotter. Master Kamp really puts the boy through his paces in the full scene this is from, and then feeds the boy his seed. The next chapter has Clayton worshiping Master Legrand Wolf with both his hungry holes. The tease for that is hot AF! I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than humiliating a ripped young (straight) jock by putting him on his knees, and then providing a deep prostrate massage that has the boy begging to be allowed to cum! They need to shave his pretty pussy though! This kid is a natural, hunky submissive-just the way I like them!

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