Dallas Ari now identifies as a transgender woman

Dallas Ari had scenes released last year at Boys Halfway House, Raunchy Bastards, Broke Straight Boys & College Boy Physicals.

On Twitter, he changed his name from Dallas to Della.

23 thoughts on “Dallas Ari now identifies as a transgender woman

  1. Good luck to him/her then. But, I wouldn’t be interested in watching any of it.
    He was sort of giving off a “frail, sickly, lesbian” vibe anyways.

  2. I think it’s ok ( even ‘ normal ‘ ) that many people in porn are telling us about their gender. If porn performers were well adjusted people they wouldn’t be doing porn to begin with.

    1. I agree what a load of nonsense. Some performers like and enjoy the work they do and its give them a steady income to live by. Pertinax please explain what you actually mean by well adjusted. Just because an individual chooses to work in porn is their choice and good for them for doing so!

  3. In the last six months, maybe even a year, I’ve genuinely lost count of the number of gay porn stars transitioning. Lance Hart, Logan Vaughn…trans porn isn’t my thing, but that list goes on.

    Good luck to everyone, but it’s almost as if gay porn is triggering for some people and in a very short space of time.

    1. Igor Romani had announced his transition for a while but it look like he’s retracting his statements. He’s grown back out his beard and has stopped dressing in common female clothing. He’s also began his artwork and still has an OF. He doesn’t have the she/her hashtag on his profile any longer.

    2. Logan Vaughn? I had to check. Couldn’t believe it… Then there are those who say this isn’t social contagion or autogynephiles living their fantasies. So sad.

    3. Its a brainwashing society is going thru thanks to radical leftist kooks. “Im really experiencing a hard time right now”. Leftist kook: “ oh u must be trans, thats what it is”. Its the same thing educators r doing to elementary kids. Its despicable. Its one thing if its genuine, its very different if done bcuz theyre being brainwashed cuz theyre not being told the potential dangers of transitioning back if later in life they want to. T there r so many stories of those trying to transition back but have a hard time cuz how much damage has been done to their bodies. Leftist radical ideology is disgusting in every way.

      1. Rightist Kook: oh u must be straight. If ur not, then u must be oppressed by me in order to validate my heteronormativity and privilege my freedom

  4. I wish her nothing but the best and hope she’s happy. And I wish the same to anyone and everyone who is in similar circumstances. I’m sure this has not been easy for her, and I’m happy she’s in a better place.

  5. It is so sad these people who suffer from gender dysphoria. Hopefully this man keeps his penis. Why would a man want to become a woman? Nothing is lower than a woman.

  6. I am, quite frankly, horrified by some of the comments made on this post. Saying a person who does porn is not “well adjusted” is just plain wrong. Then, leftist “kooks” are convincing people they are trans? Like, WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

    These are human beings, and they belong to our community. There is no one journey to discovering yourself. Let her go on her journey and cheer her on! But the utter, disgusting vitriol coming from some keyboard blowhards is absolutely horrible. Do better, people.

    1. Oh geez, another rose colored glasss idiot. Wake up to the damaging and physically damaging BS thats going on perpetrated by leftist marxist kooks!

    2. I agree hence why I tend to comment less om here now days. I wish it MOP had a blocking system like Disqus uses!

    3. I believe trans people should be equal to everyone else in society, afforded the same rights. However, I have to draw the line when it comes to overlord assertion tactics. Often these tactics are not even enforced by trans individuals, themselves. They are enforced by people who are using the trans, gay, and liberal communities for their own agenda. Divide and conquer, basically. Exalt victimhood and piss people off by making them think and act a certain way. I believe everyone is 100% equal and there should be no special rights/privileges for anyone. Once you venture off into that territory, you’re bordering on supremacism.

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