Devon Felix was arrested last year for vehicle theft (tip @ rufus665)

Devon Felix was introduced in 2015 by Broke Straight Boys that mentioned he was the best friend of Vadim Black.

After Broke Straight Boys, he filmed for other porn studios such as Gay Room, Randy Blue, Icon Male and as Bryce at Gemini Men.

Devon got in trouble with the law in 2016 that he spent time in jail. By 2017, he bid farewell to gay porn.

He got in trouble with the law again last year. He was one of the nine arrested for six stolen vehicles.


  1. Karl

    I’m speechless

  2. Pertinax

    A very good example of the glamorous and happy life of a ” porn star “.

  3. Bruiser

    Shocked! Shocked! To find gambling in this casino!

  4. simp

    From the mugshot shown, it suggests that he might be battling other demons as well. Hope that he can get his life turned around after this episode though.

  5. ericstrondheim8

    My god, that was years ago when he appeared in porn! Can’t the internet trolls and snoops leave these people alone?

  6. Paul

    I’ve always thought he was hot in that Raphael Cedano kind of way. Apparently he’s relocated to California. Aren’t you lucky! I’m guessing the “other state” fugitive charges are out of Florida where his earlier reported interaction with law enforcement was reported. I think he was discovered after hours in a retail establishment. Also in possession of burglary tools at that time.

    • Cherrystick

      Oh good lord. Mentioning him and Raphael Cedano in the same sentence is….. tragic. Cedano was just plain evil.

  7. Dorian Lumeski

    What in the meth is going on

    • Cherrystick


  8. seaguyparty

    He looks like s*it in that mug shot.

  9. Jay M.

    He was exceptionally hot. Great face and sculpted bod and very hung. He was a real ball churner in his scene on gay castings. Such a waste. Obviously now a meth head. Unrecognizable and very sad.

  10. KC

    This is not the same guy DOB 3/31/1991 meth head. Our Devon/Julian 5/25/1996. They were BOTH in the the same jail at the same time for different reasons, same name different DOB and kind a look alike This guy got out our guy is doing time sadly, he has always had serious mental health issues. .LA Inmate search

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