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9 thoughts on “GayVN Awards 2023

  1. Malik actually won Best Top, per Cliff’s tweet. And now that Malik is bottoming on screen I need to see them paired up!

  2. But can we talk about the Expo where basically nobody attended the stands (I saw some pics), except the performers/directory/blog owners? Like, baby it’s a sad sight, nobody really cares about any of y’all.

    1. I feel like this whole thing is so fucking unnecessary. Why are they giving awards to each other for fucking each other? The fuck… your prize is that you got to fuck.

      No pun intended but kissing each others asses with awards is silly. Look at the winners. Malik Delgaty as best top/dick, who the fuck nominated him for that? If his performances are worthy of that award, then nominate a jackhammer or a wall of paint drying and put a tux on them for their acceptance speeches. Austin Wolf or Cade Maddox winning anything is also a joke. I’m sorry but this whole shindig was ridiculous.

  3. I’ll second that.. I’ve been to expos like this in Europe and the atmosphere there is much more festive and inclusive. The expo here looks like a very sad vanity project with a look but don’t touch feel too it.

    I find the creators here in Vegas only want people to follow them on Twitter and OF so they can monetize those views. I’ve actually seen porn creators (both male and female) have an “eeewwww gross” look when real life fans want to interact with them.

  4. Everytime I see an event like this I’m reminded of something a friend who was a former sex worker turned counselor told me years ago..

    “Sex workers a people too.. flawed and fucked up, but people never the less.”

  5. Yes these men are sex workers but they are people too. There is so much negativity about porn even though millions of people watch it. It is a bit silly but I think for the self esteem of these porn models it gives them validation. I makes them feel good about their sex work. And there is nothing wrong with that.

  6. Why am I thinking that Seth Knight might be talking about Roman Todd or Austin Wolf?

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