Belami Online “… dwindling archive of unreleased scenes filmed with condom.”

In 2014, it was mentioned by Belami Online in the scene description of Jack Harrer and Julien Hussey that their condom archive scenes were nearing its end.

It stopped in 2018.

It’s back this year.

The 4th condom scene released this year by Belami Online from their “dwindling archive of unreleased scenes filmed with condom” had Dario Dolce bottom for Manuel Rios.

6 thoughts on “Belami Online “… dwindling archive of unreleased scenes filmed with condom.”

  1. Bel Ami are only releasing archive scenes which is out of order if you subscript and pay their subscriptions which are not cheap. Its a bit like the The Casting Room where over the last 2 years they have released old model scene as new for majority of their releases. And when I emailed them to question this, they claimed that what the subscribers want, which is totally out of order deceptive in my eyes, as their fees are expensive.

    I know times are hard gaining new models because they pay enough and are to lazy to recruit them, but like Corbin Fisher who have made millions of dollars with and their latest scene is with Rocky and Ricky pairing up again in under a year, Its all rinse repeat, rinse repeat, rinse repeat!, Bel Ami has made millions of Euros and continues to do so recycling old material!

    1. Of course new material should predominate, but I really like seeing vintage BelAmi content from the vault — even condom porn — if it hasn’t been posted before. What feels like recycling to me are the [many] sites posting “remastered” scenes or compilations of old scenes.

    2. There is a significant difference between releasing never-before-seen materials from the past vs re-releasing previously-seen content., in my opinion. Of course, it’s your right to stop spending money with them if you’re not satisfied. Bel Ami may be more expensive than some other studios (I always wait for a special rate) but I can’t think of another gay studio that releases as much original content.

  2. Well it’s always a pleasure to see Manuel Rios who was one of the best and most versatile stars who apparently admitted he was bi, and Dario was apparently gay. Both were excellent bottoms and cum eaters.

    1. I became a fan of Manuel as he grew older, so it’s fun to revisit his early work. Likewise it’s interesting to see Dario in a condom scene, as he was among the first BelAmi models to cross over to bareback. If my memory serves, Dario was also one of the first BA powerbottoms, really hungry for cock and loved being fucked; he paved the way for others like Marcel Gassion.

  3. Bel Ami’s vaults will never empty. They have so much BTS, solos, photo set vides, etc. that even if their hardcore scenes take a back seat, those different videos can easily provide filler. I mean they already do a bit of that here and there. What y’all should be worrying about is GD selling Bel Ami and turning into a SC

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