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33 thoughts on “Jay Cub at Men

    1. Holy crap!

      I thought the comments would be the usual barage of people digging deep just to find something nasty to say about the content for no reason. Or disparaging sex workers while hypocritically consuming the visual products of sex work.

      I underestimated many of you; I apologize for that.

      1. I mean, give it time… let the guy come out as gay for pay first! (I’m joking, I’m joking, lol)

        Uh well… I mean, on one hand I personally like variety, on the other hand do I really want to pay for that?? Still, I don’t mind average looking guys in porn (this is not my usual definition of “average looking”, but I don’t mind him, he’s not a turn off), that builds up the fantasy, but it’s a little weird being turned on by someone you likely would say “No thank you” to IRL. (Kind of a nasty thing to say, but honestly I mean hypothetically, not necessarily this guy. For me personally, it’d depend on their personality and face the most anyways TBH)

  1. About time. We need more body types in porn. Yes yes I know, the loud, whiney section of spoiled gay boys can’t stand when any company makes any kind of scene that they won’t like, but as we keep telling you, then don’t watch it!

  2. I actually like a beer paunch on a husky hairy man. This is not, however, my ideal for that fantasy. If it is for you – enjoy!

  3. As a certified personal fitness trainer, I’ll just say… Not my thing, but hey, to each their own. If he’s comfortable enough in his own skin and there’s a market for that, then go for it.

        1. I’m in the best shape – 57, 5’10, 167 lbs, sz 31 waist. No, I didn’t need to hire a personal trainer aka, “is that a REAL job.. SERIOUSLY??? Lol!

  4. 5 thoughts on Jay Club at men ? I have just 1 thought, NO !
    It is a cold reality of life that people use to accept and move on with their life…
    Short people shouldn’t try and play pro basketball. Blind people just shouldn’t drive or get into car racing. Deaf people shouldn’t try and have a career in music.
    Very ordinary looking fat people should NOT try a career in porn.
    Sorry, those are the facts and all the PC bullshit isn’t going to change a thing.

    1. If the market dictates then why not? This guy represents the statistics of the United States. Plus the inclusive Twitter/Onlyfans gays pretty much started this by cheering on some guys that used to be ripped muscular and are now fat.

      It’s mainstream MEN porn, it’s quality has always been awful. And they been catering to the Twitter talking points for awhie now. There still tons of sites that do the whole masculine jock, muscular or bodybuilder type so it’s whatever.

      1. Actually “Jay” lives in Montreal… If he represents anything it’s the South American bear community which has immigrated to Montreal in the last few years.. I wish him all the best .

        1. Doesn’t matter. The content that is filmed for and consumed by are people mostly based in the United States.

  5. It’s one thing if they have a muscle guy with a belly but come on this guy has never seen the inside of the gym. I thought the whole point of porn was to see those that are unattainable to the average person.

    1. The point of porn is to satisfy someone’s sexual fantasies – different strokes for different folks!

    2. It was the point. In the past. Studios began to act as gatekeepers – promoting specific types of men and bodies that actually influenced demand. In the 80s the major brands moved to athletic and more muscular men with model good-looks, this image flooded the market and became an “ideal”.*

      That changed when higher-quality cameras and other production gear became affordable. The “little people” began producing their own porn – however rough it started** – and the market completely opened up. Now we see a larger varity of men that appeal to someone out there. And I think that’s good.

      Vintage 70s porn, like from Falcon, were originally 16mm reels played in small movie theatres. Many of the men featured were “attainable”, fit and good looking, but not much different than guys cruising Castro at the time.

      ** Sites like Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher became polished over time. But that took work. Their very early videos were literally shot by a dude with a camcorder.

      1. Yes your right re what you stated as it was also unattainable hotties in the world of Gay Porn aka 80s/90’s Falcon et and 2000 – 2017 CF/SC but not any more with the guys making their own content!

  6. I saw the pictures and thought it looked hot. I like a good chunky hairy guy, and I enjoy seeing chubs get fucked by chasers. Sadly the scene’s a dud. Boring oral and then basic pumping. No kissing, no affection, nothing to suggest the guys involved are remotely attracted to one another. Plus this guy has the jockstrap on the whole time which is a turn off for me… I like to see a bottom’s dick bouncing (or just flopping) around.

    I hope Men, and other studios, keep pushing for more diverse body types. Hopefully they’ll do that with better scenes.

  7. Nah Mate! No wonder gay porn fans flock to JFF/OF. I have got knowt against big lads in porn, but nahhhhh! !!!!

    1. Oh Bloody Hell Great!

      So that’s established and that’s me put me in me place, they you all love big lads like this man in main stream gay porn then I see!

      So its clear that I now stand corrected.

      Bring on the Big Un’s Yah!!!

  8. Fat people don’t want to see fat people in their porn. They want to see what they aspire to be and not who they are in reality.

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