Jesse Bolton “If you’ve ever masturbated to me I wanna wish u a happy Valentine’s Day”

8 thoughts on “Jesse Bolton “If you’ve ever masturbated to me I wanna wish u a happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Most of these thirsty trashboxes could use a lesson or two on how to be romantic. Lesson one… it isn’t a selfie of your spread hole, your dick, or of you taking a piss on social media. You’re just trying too hard.

    Also, Chris Damned is a cutie.

  2. Gabriel Cross is like a nightmare that won’t go away. It seems like he’s been in every OnlyFans and JustForFans (multiple times). When will this repulsive, Republican dwarf retire?

      1. Yeah, he is. He’ll bottom on absolutely anyone’s OF and I actually think he comes free when you join the site, but he does look like he’s had all of his hormones removed.

  3. Is anyone else surprised at how many of these guys are Blue Ticked?

    And that Delgaty…is he still around? Malik saturated porn there for a while, but Clark fizzled out almost immediately.

    Seriously though…what is with the facial tattoos? Tom Faulk you can understand, because he had his done in prison, but Chris and Joel? Unless porn is a full-time job that’s going to last you a lifetime, then surely it’s got to effect your life in the real world.

  4. Unless “Joel” is his real name, it is a bit creepy that the boyfriend would call him that in what I would have assumed is a private poem, not intended for social media. So, either the boyfriend and “husband-to-be” considers himself to be in a relationship with the porn star persona and not the real guy behind the character, or…what else could it be?

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