Then & now on Paul Wagner at Randy Blue

Paul Wagner was introduced by Randy Blue in 2011 and he had scenes released till 2012.

Paul is back at Randy Blue this week as the top to Jay Tee.

Paul started in 2008 as Barry at Sean Cody. There was a two year pause in his gay porn career. From 2016 to 2020 (?), he was the cameraman who fucked the guys at Str8 Chaser of Reality Dudes and his face was not shown. We got to see his face again in 2021 at Men.


  1. R47

    His scene bottoming for Ryhyeim Shabazz a few weeks ago was excellent. You should have called attention to it.

  2. HJ

    Fifteen years in porn is an incredible run. Paul Wagner, who looks every bit as hot now as “Barry” did when he did that first solo scene, deserves a lifetime achievement award.

    • Gazzaq

      Absolute-Bloody- Utley

  3. rockhard288

    He hasn’t aged a bit between those ten years. Wow

  4. Bo

    He is amazing and his OF site is terrific and his work on others as well. His scenes with Sir Peter and Dato Foland are historic.

  5. Gazzaq

    Paul Wagner and Vander Pulaski are two excellent performers who have both aged like fine wine, and look as hot as they did when they first appeared on the gay porn scene!

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