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9 thoughts on “$600 to get tickled at My Friends’ Feet

  1. You know I do this guy Elliot Finn, although he claims he is 100% Hetero and has no attraction to men at all, all whilst he is all loved up with his ‘girlfriend’ on his twitter and Instagram pages. He gets slatted a lot for stating/claiming this, which really is not surprise to be fair!

    Anyhow he does give great information regarding his experience of working in Gay Porn and that’s useful for those guys, who are considering going to the industry. He also said that working for Corbin Fisher he got paid $1250 per scene which was surprise as I thought on that site that the models got paid a lot more about $3000!

    1. I can remember reading a comparison of scenes rates a few years ago. Perhaps it was on this blog, or another. The comparison listed the CF rate being $3000 and Sean Cody as $4000, both for duos. How things have changed!

      1. That what I thought and read on a a popular blog, that was reported but Elliot stated the above, so no wonder so many of the models stick to making their own money on Only Fans, it less work and they dont have to cum if they dont want to!

  2. Elliott Finn has a girlfriend yet he sucks cock and takes dick up the ass. He doesn’t have to do gay porn. The money certainly isn’t good. Also, I think he isn’t being honest. Why is it so hard for these male models to admit they are sexually attracted to other males? You don’t just slip on a banana and take a cock up your ass?

    1. Agreed but he loved the attention and not being honest gains him more publicity to find his Hetero life!

      1. And for that comment I got down voted again silly jealous key boards trolls on here for goodness sake!

    2. I mean, honestly, when a model comes out as Bi or Pan, or even premiers as Bi or Pan they get the same shit from fans. (Actually, they seem to get a lot of shit from saying they are gay too, so I don’t know… probably best to just ignore fans on that subject all together)

      I got to be honest or transparent on this subject. When I was younger and still a teen, I thought about this because I wanted to know if you really could have gay or bi guys that I was into be gay or a possibility for my future, but now I’ve known that’s true for better or worse. “There are all kinds of gays, don’t worry”, and I kind of stopped caring because several reasons, but also gay/straight, they are still acting. I’ve heard and read a couple stories about even gay actors having a hard time performing just because they weren’t that into their scene partners or that the set was too awkward… and I think that kind of nailed the coffin on me really caring.

      Just believe whatever you want to believe, Elliot Finn is just another one of those politicians, having a double life with dudes, or he fights down every urge as he forces himself to submit. Maybe this one scene is the only time he’s ever felt that way? Honestly, it really doesn’t matter.

  3. I thought $600 to get tickled… 🤔… but for 30 mins that kills the deal… I don’t think I could take it. 10 mins though… maybe we talk (No, I probably couldn’t handle it)

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