Aliases of Andel L, Fancy Francis & Elias Bon

Andel L (left), Fancy Francis (middle) & Elias Bon (right)

The latest update at Club Bang Boys was the threesome of Andel L, Fancy Francis & Elias Bon.

All three guys had scenes released at William Higgins.

– Andel L was introduced in 2022 by William Higgins as Jonas Kaizer and he had two scenes at Czech Hunter (#658 & #678).

– Fancy Francis was introduced in 2022 by William Higgins as Lubos Peleta and he had a scene at Czech Hunter (#660).

– Elias Bon was introduced this month by William Higgins as Vitali Kelin.


  1. I am so crushing on Jonas Kaizer, probably cuz of his fkn hot calves! He is also known as Stefan at

    • Bo

      He ID’d as gay in his Higgins Erotic solo and is a sexual dream cum true.

      • I even like his work at where he fucks old grand ladies (cuz i can ignore the women).

        • Bo

          Where is’s link to male models? Can’t find it there.

          • Just go to url and the site should pull up. On websitte theres a search line and enter Stefan as rhats his name on that site. It should pull up all his scenes

            • jktooo

              Correction to above: when you enter Stefan in search option it’ll pull up multiple scene links. Click on one of the links with him in the photo, after you click on that link you can scroll down and it will indicate “All the models in this update” and you will see his name and photo, when you click that it’ll take you to his profile page and all his scenes. sorry for the confusion.

              • Bo

                Did that and it works, love this boy because at least he needs the money, LOL.

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