First fuck for Devi Sann (2016) aka Cain (2023)

He started out in 2016 doing solos as Devi Sann. He returned this year as Devi, where he shot his load while he was fingered by the owner of Club Amateur USA and as Cain, where he got a blowjob from the owner of Military Classified.

It was mentioned by the two sites that he enjoys getting pegged by his girlfriend.

Club Amateur USAAnd as you’ll soon hear Devi tell, he & his girlfriend are into pegging & digital stimulation.

Military ClassifiedI’ve watched videos of his gf pegging him and btw that’s not out of the ordinary for some str8 guys.

He is up next at Military Classified where he got to fuck the site owner “Still in uniform Rob gets a taste of Marine CAIN’s scent but once Cain cops a feel of Rob’s ass, the pounding party begins then ends in cream pie Friday…tonite!


  1. OldFatGuy

    Rob really needs to stop the side saddle anal and go right to the doggie style. If the tops can’t handle it they don’t get paid, its that simple.

    • So I block the bottoms out (or chicks if its str8 or bi porn), but what i do take notice of is the position of the top and when i see a top or str8 fuck this is one of the hottest positions i like to see them fuck. That explained why this side sddle not good in ur view? Just curious.

      • Clarify: in my mind i can block out the bottom or chick in my mind and focus on the top or str8 guy.

      • FieldMedic

        First, it’s a very unflattering angle for the bottom. I already don’t find him to be that much attractive and that angle makes it doubly so. Second, it doesn’t look like anyone’s actually enjoying the sex since you can’t see the bottom’s face. Third he’s essentially acting as a pocket pussy which is degrading for him and not really enjoyable for me (though I do get that some people like that, so that’s just a personal preference). Those are just some of the reasons that’s it’s not really enjoyable for me.

        • Yeah, see i dont care about (or chick), i like seeing tops do their thing, is why I can tune them out. I LOVE watching MEN fuck, idc to see a bottom or a chick get fucked,. I know a lot like to see bottoms get fucked, im opposite, I LOVE seeing tops fuck! Couldnt care less what bottom or chick thinks. Its cuz ive bottomed and only care to please my top

  2. asis

    cant watch any video rob is in

  3. Reg

    That website puts out videos that look like they’re 30 years old and filmed on VHS. And I’m also not convinced the owner would have looked good on camera 30 years ago :-/

    I know it’s fulfilling a fantasy for these guys, like Beefcake Hunter and Jake Cruise before him…but who is actually paying to see this? They might as well just cut their losses, hire hookers and film it for their private collections.

  4. arbokekans

    Why does Rob demand on being in scenes still? He is hideous now.

    • Reg

      He wants to have sex with the guys! Simple as. Absolutely he could hire a good looking guy to appear in the videos, but he wants to get fucked by the models he hires and doesn’t care if he’s off-putting to the audience. He’s basically hiring them as prostitutes, but filming it in the hopes of cancelling the cost out…or of not seeing himself as just a John.

  5. Nase

    Rob needs to retire from bottoming. He can’t take dick. He has models that are much better at bottoming than him, he needs to get a few of them for the anal scenes cuz it’s painful to watch at this point.

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