13 thoughts on “First gay scene of Tyler (Tanner) at Corbin Fisher

  1. When will they give Eli his hair back? I liked him so much au naturel! Anyway, it’s a good scene.
    I’ll add (off topic…) that one I’d love to see with his hair is Cole Blue: he never (almost) lets it grow!

    1. Cole never talks either, which is just weird—he has a sexy deep voice. Let the hair grow and your voice glow, Cole!

  2. I enjoyed it and the setting added to the scene. I like both of them and Tyler’s a great addition to the site. Re Eli I was not a fan at first, but he is a pure dorky sexy nerdy gay gym guy and right decent performer, and make me smile on CF and on his Instagram. Good performance!

  3. I’m kind of obsessed with Eli over at CF so the guy could be eating breakfast and I’d watch it!

    1. Try his Instagram and you can have fuller picture of him as he a cutie! His twitter account is private though!

  4. CF is starting to look more and more like the brainchild of Carnal Media and Helix Studios. Does Legrand now own the site? Why they keep hiring Carnal Media’s leftovers? And they’re seem to be going after the lankiest, most barely-legal looking twinks.This is NOT the CF we all knew and loved. This is sad.

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