From Gay Hoopla to Next Door Studios for Cameron Jones

Cameron Jones was introduced three months ago by Gay Hoopla.

He now has two bisexual scenes at Bi Guys Fuck and two gay scenes at Gay Hoopla.

He is done with Gay Hoopla. He is now an exclusive model of Next Door Studios.

Will he be using the name Cameron Neuton?

8 thoughts on “From Gay Hoopla to Next Door Studios for Cameron Jones

  1. He’s hot, glad he left Gayhoopla. It’s been two weeks since Gayhoopla has no hardcore scenes, they production of gay scenes has stalled I think the site will end.

  2. I hope they’re not finished. IMO they’re the only site that has teapot hood looking models.

  3. Good for Cameron leaving this homophobic lacking site, as he is little hottie and the sooner Gay Hoopla packs up and ends, the better as they clearly despise their Gay Subscribers and Fans and have for ages now!

    They clearly want the Heteros side of the business, but compare to other straight sites (and there are too many to mention,) my prediction, is they wont cut it in that saturated industry, and the only thing they have going for them is the fact that can recruit lots of new guys who compare to establish straight porn starts are mediocre at best!

    Good Riddance and I am long term big time ex fan!

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