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No change of name for Jeffrey Lloyd at Belami Online

This could be the first for Belami Online. They introduced a model using the name that he is known for, included his Twitter handle and where to find his latest scenes.

Jeffrey’s solo could have been filmed during the time Jeffrey did rounds in 2016 for Eastern European studios such as William Higgins, where he was known as Milos Ovcacek.

This is him now at Lucas Entertainment.

9 thoughts on “No change of name for Jeffrey Lloyd at Belami Online

  1. He says (FWIW) in the BA interview that he’d been in the business about 4 months & already made about 40 scenes!

  2. He hasn’t changed his name in a while, but he has been: Adrián, Alex Davidoff, Geoffrey Lloyd, Milos Ovcacek and I think a couple more. I think he’s up there with most name changes, but I guess he’s made the most name for himself with Jeffrey Lloyd.

  3. Jeffrey has been around a hell of a long time, done many scenes. He is always HARD and full of energy in his scenes. They guy seems to like kissing, sucking, fucking, getting fucked, everything with a guy. He looked so youthful just 6 years ago but the new mature look works for him too. If you look around you can get many different scenes with him with almost every gay porn “Euro” star… and not be dissapointed.

  4. He basically admitted he is gay from the start which was Czech Hunter along with Higgins (he made references to his roommate, etc.) He is one of the great gay porn stars ever, and he taped an interview a couple of years ago when working on “The Frankfurt Stories” series.Link below.

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