7 thoughts on “Another site owner shot his load on Drake Von

  1. Who would want to masturbate to this? Why does old, unattractive, out-of-shape Rob insist on performing in front of the camera? He can’t even get an erection, and he has a flat ass. Drake Von is a bad performer. Who likes watching passionless, boring sex with an ugly, limp, assless bottom?

  2. Neither man is attractive to me. Rob is lucky sod though paying all of these guys to have sex with him and reminds me of that other fraggle on BCH. The young lad is not attractive but appeals to his fan base suppose, what had happened to the attractive me in gay porn eh?

    1. That owner on Beef Cake Hunter (Crusty Thong) is revolting. I don’t understand the appeal of that studio. More boring, passionless sex with a fat, ugly, old bottom.

      1. That’s true but I do like the guys that he recruits Evan is one of my favourites, his cum shots though damn! Him alongside Malik, Alexander, Marquis, Marcus and oldies like Mike, Sandro, Nicholas and Kip are bloody hot men.

        However what is off putting is the owners fawning over them which is nauseating to watch. With Cory he is just creepy. That lad is beautiful looking, but a limited performer who cant maintain a hard on with the owner which is no surprise to be fair!”

  3. I don’t care for Drake or his twin whatsoever. These site owners need to set their creepy asses down but in all honesty I could take them more than I could that one creepy ass dude who got arrested and imprisoned. The one who was blindfolding the guys and sucking them off under false pretenses. He was weird as fuck and that voice he used made me want to vomit.

    BCH dude is borderline creepy too and yet he finds some hot as dudes to put out there on the site. He must be using some recruitment agency.

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