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Tristan West “LOL blocked by Ricky Larkin what ever will I do? Not that I ever had any intention of working with a vacuous, uneducated, ignorant, brainless excuse of a performer but I don’t think I could even fake a scene with this clown and I know how to act.”

37 thoughts on “Tristan West “LOL blocked by Ricky Larkin what ever will I do? Not that I ever had any intention of working with a vacuous, uneducated, ignorant, brainless excuse of a performer but I don’t think I could even fake a scene with this clown and I know how to act.”

  1. A bisexual man saying that gay men are ‘less deserving’ of a sex with him in these exact words is the biggest indication that although this so-called sexually fluid generation thinks they are so open-minded and spiritually evolved, they are more homophobic and narcissistic than all fanatic religious MAGA trumpsters in the world combined. They spew homophobic shit left and right and actually get praised for being ‘true to themselves’ or whatever. I don’t get it. When did people stop being able to recognize homophobia like that?

    1. Guys like Ricky and Sgt Miles are POS, but that’s not necessarily because they are bi. Tony Genius is bi and he’s awesome and calls out 💩heads like Ricky all the time. I dont think you can lump all bisexual men together based on a few of the crappy homophobic ones.

      1. Miles might well be bi, but you daren’t say that to him. He is an ANGRY man.

        As for Ricky, I think he’s just fucked in the head.

    2. Davin Strong was always a very self-righteous prick, so this isn’t a surprise at all.

      He was he one who wrote a whole Twitter thread about how evil and exclusionary gay men are for refusing to have sex with FTMs and other miscellaneous kinds of genderspecials.

      He, a bissexual men, is with his head so up his ass he thinks he has the authority to dictate who gay men should or shouldn’t have sex with, all while painting himself as superior for supposedly being “open-minded” enough to not have such “limitation”.

      That’s who we’re dealing with.

      1. Unless he caves to performing with men or trans performers, my favourite actually gay performer out there at the moment is Greg Armstrong. He’s openly gay, looks great, LOVES cock, bottoms like a champ and his content is fantastic. And seriously gay man who is sticking solely to men? It’s rare and it’s a great and if he succumbed to peer pressure, it would be devastating, but he’s the way forward for gay porn. I’m so tired of the double-standard that gay porn and GAY gay porn stars perform with women and trans performers…but straight porn stars never do.

        It’s not biphobic or transphobic to have exclusively gay performers. It’s to me creepy to see a gay man have sex with a woman, either biological or in appearance.

        The L and the G are almost completely gone and B and T and all the other letters of the alphabet that keep getting added to it are pushing them off.

        1. The L and the G are not gone, the B and T have always been there and the T are the ones that are now under the biggest moral panic since gay marriage. They are being used to attack the entire LGBT collective. To add insult to injury, the T was there, frontline, fighting for the rights of all of us.

          We can respectfully disagree with people regarding having or not having sex with trans people, but we should stop throwing them under the bus.

          1. Sorry to break this to you, but the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairty and the conception that modern gay rights started with Stonewall have one thing in common: they all don’t reflect reality.

            There have been gay rights groups in Germany aseveralnd other regions of Europe decades before Stonewall was even a thing, just so you know. The fact that these movements didn’t happen in the US doesn’t erase the fact they were a thing at all.

            Also Marsha P. Johnson wasn’t the one who “threw the first brick”. In fact, Marsha only arrived on the protest after things had already escalated.

            Another thing: P. Johnson’s transgender identity is a post morten thing, as she never self-identified as such in life. The only base for it amounts to nothing more than speculation.

            Stop parroting this “the trans gave you your rights” meme.

            This isn’t nor was never a thing.

    3. Omg, you totally nailed what I try to explain when gay men selfishly giving in to this idea that straight men can have gay encounters and still be straight. They have no idea the homophobia that is going to lead to. If straight men, cowards who feel stigmatized by a label, except straight, get their cake and eat it too, the homophobia against gay men will ramp up higher than it already is. I literally heard one of these guys go on a Podcast and say, “Yeah, I like sucking dick, but being around gay men make me uncomfortable.” Imagine that. Next you’re going to hear, “Yeah, I like sucking other dude’s dick, but I’m not a f@ggot like Timmy over here. He likes boys forreal.” But gay men cannot see that because they’re so preoccupied with what they can get out of it when the fight should be to normalize queer relationships. So many gay men have never been in real relationships because a relationship between two men is not normalized. It is sexualized, but not normalized. Diplo is not a noble man: he’s a coward.

    4. I wouldn’t pay much attention to Davin Strong’s nonsensical ideas and opinions. He thinks that adding as many polysyllabic words as possible to his incoherent, convoluted, drug-addled, stream-of-consciousness rants, will lend them depth and logic, when in reality everything he says is downright absurd. He is just a crazy, drug-addicted, roided out bisexual freak who wants to justify his homophobia by wrapping it in pseudo-intellectual pap.

      And yes, you’re right: Gen-Z members are extremely intolerant and radically conservative under the veneer of virtue-signalling, perpetually outraged, identity issue posturing that they display on social media. Still, I wouldn’t worry too much about their pretentious idiocy: they’ll have a rude awakening when they realize that they’ve wasted years on “defending” utter and complete nonsense, while ignoring truly important issues that will have an actual impact on their lives.

      As for Mr Strong, let’s hope that in the future he limits himself to perform and keeps his mouth shut (and his fingers occupied with something other than writing stupidities on Twitter and IG).

      1. I will say this about Davin, I have watched his journey from straight bi-curious guy model to hardcore performer. If you know his story his mom and dad were psychotic and abusive and he is a very broken individual. He is trying to find meaning in his own way and they do go everyehere all at once. He ii trying to heal and is coming from a place where he fears other men, becuase of how he was raised and because of the abuse. His father was very abusive in all ways except sexually. He’s trying to embrace his desire and attraction to men.

        I think he thinks that his journey should be a lesson to others and doesn’t realize that not everyone needs to take that journey. Myself as a gay man, knew I was gay and accepted that early on in life and never had questions, whereas he has always questioned and had it beat out of him. I just think he isn’t expressing himself coherently and if you don’t know the backstory he comes off as delusional and homphobic to some. I do hope he finds more peace in his life and with himself.

    5. No, it isn’t. Is the biggest indication that anyone can be an idiot. Sexual fluidity has always existed. There are lots of historical records of it.

  2. Cheers for the weekly twitter update MOP, but am to knackered to go through all of them in full, as I usually do and good to catch up on what going on in the world of Gay Porn via twitter.

    There is lot of froth, but Josh Moore, David Benjamin and Owen Hawk all stood out for me for different reasons re being long time performers often over looked by the newest/latest model who come make it big and then disappear within this over saturated market which is constantly evolving.

  3. Did Collin Simpson actually get custody of the child or he’s just using him as a mere pity party token? If he actually gets a sugar daddy, does he really intend to move with the kid to the sugar daddy’s place?

    This is getting more confusing by the minute…

    1. Pity party. You’re not telling me would use a PENNY of money any is stupid enough to give him, on trying to be with that baby.

    2. His sugar daddy offer is dumb as hell. He’s offering phone calls and pics? That is for Stevia daddies. Sugar Daddies get that ass when they want it! They get to use you in anyway they see fit. You need to work for that condo, that allowance, that car. Eggs are $7 a dozen. Collin is lazy and entitled and has birned eevry bridge he used getting to where he is and he needs to stop promising new videos and get real with himself and start hawking that ass again. just sitting here and thinking about all the posts he’s made about not being a prostitue and here he is begging for money.

  4. I can’t believe Collin Simpson is still shamelessly begging for money. He’s a real work of art, isn’t he? You’ve thrown your gay colleagues under the bus how many times now? And yet you’re still here slithering around like the snake that you are. I personally render you irrelevant.

    Josh Moore. Is that so? False modesty isn’t really a turn on.

    Never heard of Davin Strong. I’m glad he’s an asshole, because physically he does absolutely nothing for me. Not into over-inked gorillas with bad attitudes.

    David Skylar’s fucking men left, right and center, but he’s straight! Yep. I’ll be sure to bank on that one. What is it with these sexually confused, egomaniacs that can’t admit that they enjoy dick? Is your ultra conservative environment sin shaming you again? If that’s the case, better exit out of porn immediately because you’re headed for some fire and brimstone, regardless.

    Gabriel Cross. If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you do the same? What the fuck is with guys that just have to have a tattoo? Give me the natural look any day.

    Regarding Ricky Larkin. I just don’t understand why porn actors like him consistently bring politics into debate. It’s annoying. Nobody cares who you’ve voted for or who you support. Unfortunately, I should correct myself. A LOT of people here care far more than they should and it’s something that really irks me. I am not a Trump supporter. Never been a Trump supporter. Never will be a Trump supporter, but I am sick of people here designating all MAGA supporters as paradoxically synonymous with that rhetoric. There’s a lot of people that I vehemently disagree with about politics, but I don’t invalidate everything they say. To me, it’s incredibly isolating and insular. As I say, I am not a fan of Trump, yet I am also not foaming at the mouth by the mere mention of his name. The more attention you bring to these political figures, the more power you give them.

    1. Josh Moore is right because I doubt people watch his content for him. He probably checked his engagement and saw the numbers dropping . He is finally fucked that “straight” guy, but when you build your brand on just that, no one is going to see you.

      1. I’ve never had time for Josh since he stole the stage name “Moore” from Logan, when he was at the height of his popularity and then ripped him off for every penny he had.

        I think he did the same to Ricky Roman too and there’s a wake of destruction in that man’s path.

        1. I have never agreed with anyone so much. Josh just sucks the life out of everything.

      2. I guess I don’t know enough about Josh as a person to come to those conclusions. Wait, is he claiming to be straight or? I’m a little confused.

    2. Actually, people SHOULD care who they’re giving their hard earned money to. I agree that porn performers shouldn’t even talk about politics. However, once they do and we find out what their political leanings are, why would we support them knowing full well their disdain for our fights and struggles?

      Ricky Larkin constantly talks about how we are better under Donald Trump even after Jan. 6; while David Skylar posts about how violent people would be less so if everybody has a gun and how states with stringent gun laws have higher crime rates (not true, yet he says is facts).

      Also, I have not seen a MAGA supporter who does not fit THAT mold. They’ve all been pro-guns, anti-mask, anti-vax, previously pro-Ukraine then anti-Ukraine.

  5. Pseudo-intellectual David Skylar called porn performers “lowlifes” (pure projection), and he was above porn in a deleted tweet a few weeks ago. He stated that only heterosexual sex is real sex. He equates masculinity with heterosexuality. He implied that gay men are not real men. He attacks other men in the industry who he’s jealous of (he called Brandon Anderson “golden boy”). He is a conservative closet case. Body language doesn’t lie, and he rims men like his life depends on it (hence his scene with Jim Fitt). Again, he’s full of internalized homophobia. He’s been in gay porn now for over four years! Another studio hired him after he was fired from Next Door Studios. He’s fucking men nonstop (and still “horny”). When is the industry going to stop hiring these “straight” nutjobs?

    1. i read the tweet about Golden balls but i don’t remember him mentioning Brandon Anderson .. ?

      1. That’s because he deletes most of his rants on Twitter. It’s good to take screenshots of his tweets before he deletes them. He was asked who the “golden boys” are and he mentioned Brandon Anderson. He stated that he gets all the work and attention at NDS. Pure jealousy.

  6. “infinitely less deserving”? Davin, you’re a nasty cunt.

    A comeback to gay porn, for a straight mental patient? This is going to be good.

    Collin, Collin, Collin…you’re money-grubbing, two-faced, vindictive and I know you wouldn’t spend that money on trying to get your son, so you’re also a hypocritic and an unfit father. The best thing you could do it walk away, actually go out and get a proper job, earn money to pay child support from afar and give that child a decent start in life. What are you doing though? Pan-handling on social media, for people to support you. If you couldn’t support a child, you shouldn’t have had one.

    Get a fucking job, you fucking drug-addict scrounger. Wash windscreens, clean pots and pans in a kitchen, push trolleys around a supermarket car park, but actually WORK for the money. No one else gets a free ride in life and given how badly you treat people, why on Earth should other people support you?

    Oh and you’re not telling me that any money would actually go to feeding your son, or gaining custody…it’s going straight on the roids or nights on out the town, right?

    1. David Skylar is freaking the fuck out on his Twitter. He looks unhinged and crazy. He cannot handle his feelings and sexuality. What a closeted sociopath. He said that his new studio is military-themed.

  7. Elliot Finn is a self-drag. He’s a self-identified straight man sucking dick for a living. They call that a loser. He keeps trying to stay relevant with this topic. He has been at this long enough to get a college degree. A masters degree, but he is still in the gay porn industry bitching and moaning. That says a lot about his lack of drive and his manhood. Enough already.

  8. The gay sympathizers in the Colin Simpson situation is why I am starting to divest from the gay community. I am beyond shit of the clown shit. I’ve begun to realize that there will always be clowns in the community who weigh those of us who want better down with their selfishness and boneheaded straight obsession. Y’all can’t sit with us anymore. It’s turn for cast these losers out. They will be our downfall.

    Baby or not. He’s a grown fucking man. Take care of the baby you made to RAISE.

    1. The two bad things are (1) Simpson will always have his sympathizers. There will always be sucker gay men who are either turned on by his refusal of the gay moniker, or by (unbelievably) him and his performance. So while he might not get a “sugar daddy”, he’ll always have people blindly supporting him.

      And (2) there’s this exploding phenomenon on Twitter called “mulutal aid” where people express their problems and ask for money. Unlike the old style internet crowdfunding, this isn’t necessarily done through orgs like GofundMe (who can partially vouch for credibility, or at least pull money if it turns out to be bogus), and individuals get money straight into their accounts. The shocking part is how many people give – so I’ll bet he got a few hundred (if not a few thousand) already….It’s sad.

  9. Starting to feel like it’s a virtue signal to call out virtue signaling.
    The constant dog piling on bisexual men who don’t conform to gay standards is also shortsighted.

  10. I’m not going to debate or put down Davin’s sexuality, but are we all ignoring that he said Lilith “whispered” to him? Like does he have some schizophrenia going on?

    But the “men are less deserving” thing is insulting, IMO.

  11. Collin Simpson, Davin Strong, Elliot Finn. What have gay men done to deserve these guys?

  12. Really Gabriel? The moth from Silence of the Lambs? THATS what you get as your first tattoo. God as if you weren’t enough of a joke already.

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