Diesel Washington “I was hired by a Priest and fucked him in the church. Ummm… Yeah”



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  1. Ralphie

    Oh, joy. Elliot Finn posts 1000th vid about how he valiantly soldiered through gay sex. sad trombone

    • Mal

      It physically hurts to hear him speak so much BS

    • Bsg67

      Can’t he just get an actual job? Such a toss pot

  2. Jsmithy

    Duh duh duh, another one bites the dust: Bryan.

  3. Reg

    It is strange, because I don’t honestly think MDV has that deep a voice :-/ He’s not exactly Patrick Warbuton or Stacy Keach.

    Is it awful that I thought Brian was already well into his 40’s?

    Shut up, Elliot. If you don’t want to do it, just don’t do it. I’m sure people who pluck chickens for a living don’t enjoy it, but it’s the job you CHOSE to do.

    Is Diesel escorting? I know he wanted to get back into porn, but no one wanted him, but is this new? And I suppose at least with the Priest, he hired a grown man…

    Hang on, because wasn’t Dolf in tears about Jack having lost 60% of his hearing last week? Those two really are fucked-up.

    Roman, I don’t know HOW you even get work, let alone awards. If you weren’t a porn “star”, I’d think “who did he have to sleep with”.

    David up to his usual standards.

    Woody’s back? I thought he went nutso and I’m a little wowed that anyone could put up with him and I’m also judging Canada a little for thinking those two are actually good at anything :-/

    • Chris Duran

      David Skylar was booted off Twitter last week. I reported him (along with many other people) a few times. I received a notice from Twitter stating that he isn’t allowed back on Twitter until he removes the hateful content. We’ll see how that goes. He’s insane.

  4. Ricky

    Derek Kage: Boring and he thinks he is nerdy. What a joke!
    Brian: 35? Really? I thought he was older.
    Jack Mackenroth: Well, about sickening things he can talk about a lot … He can do us a favor and retire and also delete his Twitter. Definitely nothing important.
    Roman Todd: Oh, what a humble creature!

  5. Res1

    Damian Night ass is just… wow!

  6. Pertinax

    A man is one thousand times better wearing man’s clothes.

    • a b

      I disagree, but it should be sexy clothing, I dont get this male madam outfit

  7. Akerus

    I have read the entire thread about Diesel Washington’s worst clients, and after reading a few lines I have felt extremely sorry for him (and every single escort in the world).

    So, he was hired by a creepy, drug-addicted college professor who wanted to amuse himself by causing him to have an emotional breakdown, and became furious when Diesel didn’t want to repeat the experience. Then, he had to unclog a morbidly obese freak’s colon, because said freak enjoyed extreme coprophilia and humiliation, and finally, a priest made him walk across a church so they could fuck…

    We think that these people do this job because they are lazy, stupid and disturbed, but anyone would be disturbed if they had to deal with sociopaths, creepy perverts and downright insane individuals. I am not going to lightly judge any of these people from now on, because they are clearly exposed to things that would traumatize anyone.

    Gosh, what he has written is CRAZY.

    • Jake

      One of my best friends used to be an escort in Vegas back in the day, and the stories he has are on the same level as Diesel’s.. his “worst” was the time a guy asked him to fuck while the other guy tried to OD himself, so actually feel bad for Diesel..

      According to my friend, most people who use male escorts fall into 1 of 3 categories:
      -fantasy fuck
      -they are there for the boyfriend experience
      -to do some nasty ass, boarderline creepy fetish/roleplay shit that no sane human would get into.

  8. Bruiser

    Dear Elliott Finn



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