19 thoughts on “If you miss Charlie Pattinson

  1. The only scene of his I enjoyed was as Miles on CF bottoming for Kellan, supposedly his BFF. I think he topped Kellan too.

    1. Oh my my, You really have the same taste as mine. The only scene I like about Charlie Pattinson is Miles bottoming for Kellan too. The others are tasteless for me.

    2. I know that for many of you that’s the top fantasy: seeing a manly guy bottoming. But that scene was dull as dishwater.

      1. I just like seeing hot guys fucking, and they were top tier CF models in that department. They had three positions including lying on his stomach getting pounded which I love to see, he was able to stay hard most of the time, he came while getting fucked and there was a bit of a creampie. That’s fine by me, I don’t need to see every scene be crazy passionate.

  2. I always have liked Charlie Pattinson’s personality that often shines through his scenes. He has also done work as “Ashton” on jockfootfantasy.com in its “jock pits and paws” section and its clips 4 sale site:
    Jock Foot Fantasy | Clips4Sale
    Jock Foot Fantasy – Jock Pits & Paws

    As well as wrestling sites (non-nude) on thundersarena.com as “Van Acker”:
    Van Acker (thundersarena.com)

    As well as on muscleboywrestling.com as “Parker Flynn”:
    Parker Flynn | Wrestlers | MuscleBoy Wrestling

  3. The change in his body shape doesn’t bother me. If anything, I prefer a proper masculine lived in body like the one he has now. That said, he looks really rough and strung out. He was also always a pretty terrible performer. Boring to watch and clearly not into it.

  4. I think his real name is Adam. I looked him on FB back in 2020 and thought he had left the industry for good. He was modeling and posting motivational videos. I guess the rent had to be paid; although, people on LPSG did say he was always for hire.

  5. The big hoopla about him was that he had a Justin Bieber vibe. My favorite scene from him is an obscure one many probably don’t know. It’s an interracial scene with Drake. To me, that was a side of him that we never saw in gay porn. He looked like he enjoyed it and was very vocal. Plus, the skin contrast between he and Drake was just beautiful.

    1. There’s another interracial scene of him sucking dick and topping the black guy. Those are the only 2 scene where he seems enthusiastic.

      1. I think you’re talking about the threesome scene with Drake and another guy. You’re right about those being his best scenes.

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