Trevor Laster has passed away

According to Trevor Laster’s friend “My dear sweet friend @thetrevorlaster committed suicide yesterday in Eugene Oregon. His family is devastated.

The last tweets of Trevor.

[h/t John B]


  1. Jay M

    Wow. This is devastating. He seemed like a kind person. Amazing performer who got a lot of undeserved flack for his physical appearance.

    Wishing nothing but healing for his family and friends.

    • Akerus

      People criticized him over his physical appearance? I do find that extremely surprising, as he was very cute and had a great body.

      It’s always terribly sad when someone dies, especially due to suicide. I wish he had found a reason to live or someone had been able to provide him with the help he needed, but often that is not the case because those who commit suicide believe that things will improve once they die, as there aren’t any other options left – which is terrible. All we can do is hope that he is in a better place and his family do not blame themselves over what has happened. Unfortunately, there are things over which no one has any control and even those with the best intentions, cannot prevent tragedies from happening no matter how hard they try.

      Rest In Peace.

      • Jay M

        Unfortunately, yes, people were critical of him physically. I thought he was cute too. Always fully into his scene partners. Charming personality.

        Rest In Peace.

  2. Roman

    It’s interesting that these guy who do porn come from states like Orogen, Washington, and the midwest. It’s they call come to SoCal for that big dream. Then after 5-10 years in the industry or social media. They burn out and head back home where stuff like this happen. Look at Collin Simpson, he has been in jail for the pass two weeks now.

    • Reg

      CS is in jail? What for this time?

      • Pavel Ford

        He violated another restraining order.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      I think it’s just that many studios are in California and that most people aren’t from California.

  3. kevin

    I thought trevor was a handsome man.RIP you sexy baldheaded man

  4. Camille

    Rest in Peace

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