Dolf Dietrich “Today broke my heart… the love of my life @JackMackenroth came from the doctor with results that he has over 60% hearing loss in both ears.”

[h/t Jake]

There is now a growing number of gay porn stars who have chosen not to allow their tweets to be embedded in a post.

Happy Easter!

13 thoughts on “Dolf Dietrich “Today broke my heart… the love of my life @JackMackenroth came from the doctor with results that he has over 60% hearing loss in both ears.”

  1. I don’t think they can choose what happens to embedded tweets. I believe they are being blocked because they are a porn account. Twitter seems to be stopping embeds for NSFW accounts. Correct me if I’m wrong that’s just what I’ve been hearing.

    1. So I suspect the reason why Colby Jansen is asking that question is because he just put most of his scenes from his other sites up on OF. If that’s the case the paywall he put up would be for nothing..

  2. David stop complaining and just leave gay porn if it upsets you so much. Try Bi, Str8, or even Trans porn so you can move on.

    1. Conservative closet case David Skylar dislikes Trans people (hence his tweets and likes). He stated that gay porn doesn’t pay much. Why has he been in gay porn for over 4 years? Because he clearly enjoys sticking his tongue and dick inside men. He’s too weak to admit that he enjoys it. He could have been a solo performer on OnlyFans, but he was begging other men to have sex with him for that site. Again, he has contempt for the LGBT community, and he equates homosexuality with femininity. He doesn’t think it’s “normal”. He equates masculinity with heterosexuality. He cannot cope with his feelings and sexuality. Look at his disgusting tweet about Brian Krassenstein:

      “Listen to this limp dicks voice. These are the type of “men” who are on the left. I had a deeper voice straight out the womb, you know those things only women have…. Mf doesn’t have an ounce of testosterone in his body. Maybe that’s why he’s irrational and lacking logic.”

      I am so sick of these deranged “straight” men (with internalized homophobia) in gay porn. They look down on openly gay people and vote against our rights, but they want gay men to support them. Studios should stop hiring these people. He’s getting all the gay sex that he wants…and he’s getting paid for it. Why does he want to be famous and liked in gay porn if it “upsets” him so much? Why does he want to win awards for his work in gay porn? Why is he so jealous of Brandon Anderson and other men at Next Door Studios? Why does he want to shoot with Mark Henderson? Why does he get so upset when people suggest for him to do straight porn? Why does he insist that “straight” men are better at gay sex than gay men? Skylar started to post this homophobic and right-wing nonsense after his family and friends found out that he did gay porn. He used to only tweet about his scenes and post photos and videos of himself before he returned. His current Twitter is nothing but show and tell for his conservative family. He wants to have his cake and eat it too in this industry. He’s aware of these blogs, and he hates the fact that people have his closeted, hypocritical number.

  3. FTMs who pursue gay man are almost always emotionally disturbed straight girls with a fetish for gay porn. Zero compassion for them. They are a special type of crazy and are creepy as fuck.

  4. 1/2 straight? G4P trash?

    And Dolf, I’m assuming that Jack’s lost his hearing, because you’ve been bashing him in the head? You two do like to beat the shit out of each other, so can you really expect the injuries to stop at just bruising, bleeding, broken bones and being labelled psychopaths?

    When I started to read that Tweet, I honestly expected one of you to have killed the other.

  5. I thought I was going deaf until I had my ears vacuumed out. Now, if we could just put him on mute.

  6. ASPEN: That with that horrible criminal history?
    DOLF DIETRICH: That with those terrible news? I don´t understand some people. JACK MACKENROTH said awful and very serious things about Dolf and now he is the love of his life. Sincerely, they deserve each other. I can’t believe anything they say at all. If what he said is true, he could never have gone back to Dolf. Zero credibility.

    1. And Mackenroth claiming that Dolf had child pornography on his laptop? That’s a whole other level of mentally disturbed. Meth or no meth.

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