10 thoughts on “If you miss President Oaks

  1. President Oaks is an Uber delicious daddy! Glad to see him back and I hope this time around he does get to do more…like bottoming for some hung twinks! He’s been far too under utilized previously and now it’s his chance to shine even more..directors need to be more creative. Most fave scene is when he received a big facial from a twink, so unexpected but so scorchingly hot & memorable!

    1. He is a very attractive man indeed, but his performances have always been rather awkward and lackluster. It’s evident that he is straight and not particularly interested in what he’s doing, just like his equally robotic (former) colleague, President Nelson. In short, he’s one of those G4P men who have great looks but are almost yawning in their gay scenes, which isn’t exactly arousing, if you ask me.

  2. The beard looks great, but the best looking guys on this website are the tops and that’s always disappointing.

  3. If you observe and research further, you will learn that President Nelson works behind the camera and Patriarch Smith is the artist behind Growlboys.

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