Andrew Stark is back via Cocky Boys (tip @ Nick)

He first had a bisexual scene at Straight Boys Fucking before he was introduced as Ty at Corbin Fisher in 2009.

via (all articles have been removed)

After Corbin Fisher, he became known as Andrew Stark at Randy Blue.

As Andrew Stark, he had scenes released at Men, Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion & Next Door Studios.

It has been more than 5 years since he filmed a scene for gay porn and it has been months since his last live cam show at Chaturbate (@ Tooawkwardtobesexy).

If you miss him, he filmed for Cocky Boys.


  1. Reg

    Cocky Boys of all sites? And I wonder why now…maybe the marriage failed and he’s reembracing his bisexuality?

    • Michael

      I don’t know if his wife allowed him to do gay porn again or if he got divorced. In 2018 Andrew sold sex tapes with his wife on

      • Reg

        Well, that’s voyeurism and maybe classed as a fetish, (unless it was without her consent, in which case, certainly grounds for divorce). Maybe AS was just G4P or lent more towards women than men and could just give up cock and now either he’s begged and pleaded to return to porn, or she’s just not in the picture. If the wife really was the reason he left, then I’m glad that she’s gone/happy that he’s back.

        Maybe it’s old fashioned, but I just don’t think that if you’re genuinely bi, then one sex can ever truly satisfy you and eventually, the lack of the other will get in the way of any relationship. Especially if it’s the same sex. When you find love in your own locker room, then it’s usually for keeps.

        Welcome back Andrew and damn boy, boy get that cock deep in your ass and down your throat where it belongs ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Will

      Why would marrying a woman cancel his bisexuality?

  2. Bo

    Always on the best when he was active, did he get married or what caused him to drop out, and now drop back in?

  3. Ralphie

    It’s hard to type while yawning

  4. FieldMedic

    Unless he’s vers, which was hard to get him to do back when he did porn before, then I don’t really care.

    • Reg

      Well, the psycho that is Russell Tovey’s boyfriend Steve Brockman aka Ryan Stack fucked him. Jeffrey Branson, Liam Magnuson, Rocco Reed, Zeb Atlas, Marco Hell, Landon Conrad, Trevor Cash, Charlie Harding…he’s been bitched-out a lot. If he’s back as a top, then I agree and I could care less, but hopefully he’s back, bottoming, for the first time it’ll be bareback and maybe it’ll be a welcome re-addition.

      • Ian

        Brockman is a psycho? I must know more!

        • Reg

          You don’t know? They’re as bad as Jack Mackenroth and Dolf Dietrich, Paul Canon and Damien White and it’s on-again, off-again with vile slagging off in the newspapers, back on again with lovey dovey posts, then another break-up, then loved-up Insta photos, then more tabloid scandal sheets. They’re getting married, they’re broken up, they’re living together, they hate each other. Brockman goes back to his gym and former life, then they’re engaged again. It’s a seriously gross and fucked-up dysfunctional “relationship” that’s been dragging on for years. They were both bad enough before, because Tovey has a SHOCKING reputation for being a difficult bitch to work with (Faye Dunaway bad) and Brockman moved from guy to guy to guy for YEARS and none of his exes have a good word to say about him.

          • Bsg67

            Juicy ๐Ÿ˜

          • Ian

            Very juicy. Thank you.

          • JR

            No pair are worse than Mackenroth and Dietrich. The fake assault, the accusations of kiddie porn by Mackenroth, the break up, the rehab, the back together. Mackenroth bragging about his own โ€œestheticianโ€ business, meanwhile looking like an episode of botched himself. And now begging for $6k on gofundme for hearing aids. Please bitch.

  5. Soothsay

    Huh – I spoke to him one time via social media a few years ago (maybe around the time JFF was new and he was on their and I had a membership to his page) and he made a blunt statement to me at the time that he was never doing gay again- it was straight with his female partner, solo, or nothing.

    Guess something changed.

    • Bruiser

      It’s called child support.

    • Reg

      Hmm. He’s not sounding all that nice, but yeah, I guess money talks or his life if just on the skids.

  6. TheFantasy1215

    I hope Andrew Stark would bottom again. He is still a stud. Like him.

  7. TheFantasy1215

    Hopen Andrew Stark would bottom more.

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