7 thoughts on “Two stepdads for Dakota Lovell

  1. Joel Someone is the only pornstar today who actually has a personality AND doesn’t take himself seriously. He actually seems genuine in the interviews he’s given.

    1. I like Joel’s enthusiasm. He’s good sex and always into his scene partners. There’s a Trailer Trash scene where he goes to Ryan Sebastian for a tattoo on his hole and they end up flip fucking. It’s off-the-charts bonkers yet hot.

      I’d add Jonah Wheeler as another who has a personality and doesn’t. take himself seriously, and whether topping or bottoming loves sex. And also like Joel can deliver crazy porn dialogue (as a doctor coaching Troy Hardt how to do a rectal exam).

    1. Do most people even pay attention to the setup on these sites, though? I feel people just look up the actors they want to see, skip to them fucking, and turn it off after they cum without giving the stupid stepson setup any thought.

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