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First transsexual scene for Kane Fox & Chuck Conrad

The first transsexual scene of Kane Fox at Trans Angels (May 24) had him in a threesome with Dante Fox and Daisy Taylor.

While the first transsexual scene of Chuck Conrad at Men (May 31) had him top Tommy Tanner.

11 thoughts on “First transsexual scene for Kane Fox & Chuck Conrad

  1. That’s such a weird idea with Tommy squirting… I don’t know if it’s hot or not. (I’m mildly into it or curious). Daisy is also cute, but I’m not into MtF trans (Don’t mean to be offensive, but if she had an op, I’d probably be more into her)

    1. I completely forgot to talk about the guys! lol, I mean, I don’t care if they mix in some trans porn as long as it’s not a common thing. I think I can agree with others that there are specific specialty sites for that which are better, and let the gays have some porn space (I should care more about it on the bi sites, but I don’t feel like I need a bi-porn safe space).

      Chuck Conrad looks completely different without the VR goggles. I don’t know if I’m as into him, maybe the second picture just isn’t that great. Kane Fox I like when he’s not trying to look like a Twink. I mean, he’s a very hot guy… but I prefer him not trying to look like a twink, I prefer him looking a bit more older and natural. Meanwhile, Dante is always hot, but imo it’s halfway because of his personality because otherwise on paper he shouldn’t be that much my type.

    2. Tommy is a chick on steroids and the ‘squirt’ is both gross and fake. Vagina’s don’t ejaculate. It’s water.

  2. WTF is it w all these “gay” PSs who are crossing over into Tran and Str8 porn (not Dante who I know was str8 before doing gay porn as he has confd in interviews it never occurred to him to have sex w dudes)? Its like its a fad to prove something to themselves that theyre open minded or something.

    1. Yeah. Look at the recent choice by Devin Franco. Just seems like an initiation ceremony at this point. It’s ridiculous but what it also proves is that these guys weren’t gay from the get-go. Michael Boston, Drew Dixon, Thyle Knoxx, Cade Maddox and the list continues. They might’ve leaned towards men more but exclusively gay?!? No sir.

    2. Spearheaded by Dante Cole. That guy has been the leader of this nonsense for a few years now.

    3. Theydon’t want to be seen as “close minded” or “bigoted” by their peers, which is pretty ridiculous.

  3. Just another example of how Gay porn has been killed by these studios and the push for compulsory bisexuality. This is sad.

  4. I’m looking forward to the day when we have true gay performers who love every part of the male body, regardless of their sexual position in gay porn again. And i look forward to seeing a gay studio come out and make nothing but gay porn and not forcing women & trans folk upon the viewer. These studios can make Inclusive Porn somewhere else, it doesn’t need to be in gay porn. The bullshit has got to stop NOW.

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