24 thoughts on “The bisexual in Masyn Thorne (tip @ Jsmithy)

    1. Denz is a bisexual who seems to resent gay men for not being bi and for insisting that gay actual has definition that excludes sexual interest in female.

    2. Although I don’t see any problem Denz posting straight or bisexual stuff, I believe the complains around gay porn models performing in bisexual or straight stuff posted on this site should be addressed towards Denz himself instead of the performers. Performers have the right to produce their income in legal activities.

      1. Nobody says that they can’t earn their income in legal activities. We’re saying they can’t claim to be gay if they want sex with women. It’s not difficult to understand.

  1. Masyn is gorgeous & sexy’ with a great cheeky personality. I love him equally Toppimng or Bottoming (although preferable a flip fuck scene). I’m happy to see sexy Masyn in anything; whether it’s a solo Scene; Gay Scene; Straight Scene or Trans Scene. As long as i get to him enjoying himself naked.

  2. Is bisexual the proper term? Or should he simply be viewed as G4P and finally exhibiting his true nature?

    1. This wonderfully gorgeous man is probably 99% gay. His OF and JFF sites featured him as a hugely exciting bottom to older men whose cum he swallowed voraciously–such as Mateo Muscle (who may have been his sort of daddy at one time), Tyler Saint and his husband Rob Banner, and Pierce Paris. He also has one of the three best bushes in the game for a college jock along with Colby Chambers and Rocky Tate (of CF), though Rocky’s has sometimes been trimmed. This kid is a major star n the making at NDS.

              1. Yes, but it didn’t always. I don’t know how to explain it since his coming out gay to his story seemed so sincere. He started really playing up this pussy fucking bro persona and then talked himself into it I guess. Who knows. It used to piss me off, but mow I’m questioning everything. I’m 100% gay and never attracted to women,but then started experimenting with trans men and got into loving pussy and thenthat turned into fantasizing about is pussy with another guy. Did it turn into a fetish for me? I’ve been u Der extreme stress the last few years(havent we all?). One thing I do know is I’m still zero% attracted to the female themselves, just the pussy. I’ve noticed this with lots of guys too, especially bottoms which is even more strange. So confusing.

                1. It’s conditioning. You’ve associated pussy with something you like, the image of a man. Neurons that fire together, wire together. Look it up. It’s called neuroplasticity. You’ve also convinced your brain of a fiction because of the trans movements propaganda and the constant pushing/selling and glamorizing of it by the porn industry.

                  This also happens with straight men that get into trans woman porn. Think of the straight acting ‘bi guys’ who only seem to date girls and only seem to like the dick but not the man themselves. Many will escalate to sucking other guys dicks over time because trans women have created a positive sexual association with dicks for them. These straights guys are often the ‘married men’ that troll around on Grindr and gay guys mistakenly believe a truly bi. They aren’t bi in the true sense of the word.

                  Modern high-speed internet porn and the advent of transsexualism have the ability to re-wire neural networks, induce new paraphilias and create new sexual associations due to neuroplasticity. The more you masturbate to men with pussies (Something that doesn’t actually exist), the more you associate pussy with something pleasurable and positive.

                  You’ve pretty much given yourself a paraphilia because of all the unnatural and artificial stimulation you’ve engaged with. It’s something that would pretty much be impossible without modern science (“trans medicine”) and technology (free internet porn).

                  It will only continue to progress the more you do it, and it can induce many other deviant, bizarre and maladaptive fetishes.

                  This type of warping of sexual tastes is most common in men who masturbate way too much to pornography btw, which is sadly common in the gay community.

                  Good luck with that!

      1. Enjoying sex with men is not proof of being gay. Apparently some people don’t have the reasoning skills to figure this out.

      2. I forgot to mention that he was fucked and fed at Boys Halfway House last year as well. Hungry little bugger.

      3. Thanks Bo69 for reminding me of those top three college jock bushes.
        I almost came just now thinking about them!

    2. BTW, in an interview in 2021, he said his ultimate fantasy is to quote: “gangbang a girl with some bros! And then maybe even get gangbanged myself by them after..”

      This is bisexuality.

    1. Trying to get real jobs I guess. You can’t be Gay in Porn apparently because you might not get hired, there’s a theme of bisexuality in Gay Porn. Miss the old days when Proud Gay men who were never into Trans or women were stars like Zak Spears and Matthew Rush

  3. Masyn been doing straight porn well before that. He advertised it on his Twitter for his OnlyFans . Been doing it for years now. Nothing new.

    I see you Denz trying to get engagement in your posts

    1. Yah except I tried to actually find it on his onlyfans back then and it was never there as advertised. This happened several times. One thing for sure, he’s not a good businessman

  4. His new scene a Next Door with stepfather Roman Todd & Roman’s BF Cliff Jensen is spectacular and you have to listen to the dialogue to know it’s probably not scripted–he sucks (“won’t take long”), bottoms (“how do you want me?” and begs to eat their cum. He is revealed here as he probably is in real life—an absolute hedonist with a craving for cock.

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