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Johnny Rapid wrote a book

The book titled “Johnny Rapid Exposed: How the Star Triumphed Over His Past” was published on April 7, 2023, and has 119 pages.

Johnny is not as in demand as he used to be, back when he was still with Men. His Johnny Rapid website has not had an update this month.

20 thoughts on “Johnny Rapid wrote a book

  1. I’m positive ***** ***** review is a better read than the autobiography. Looked at the sample pages, and got up to three paragraphs before I needed to stop.

    Edited by Men of Porn – The name was requested to be removed.

  2. While I fully support anyone’s effort to look at themselves and work through their issues, I don’t need to support their impulse to put that internal work on display for profit.

  3. If you walked through the waters of the souls of most adult actors you wouldn’t get your ankles wet.

  4. “How to be a straight, wife-beating father, but still hold the Guinness World Record for taking the most number of different men’s cocks on camera…including counting female porn stars.”

  5. Johnny Rapid… More like Johnny Vapid

    While most Memoires are self serving, this one lacks and emotional depth or road to redemption. He’s basically blathering on about being a “deadbeat porn dad”.. and poorly at that.

    This is a money grab pure and simple.

  6. So, are you saying that this isn’t the next Great American Novel? Who would have thought that this was possible?! At a personal level, I’m so shocked that I can barely type!

    Now, seriously, maybe Johnny should have looked for a better ghost writer and added a few colourful anecdotes from porn to the book in order to keep it from sinking into boredom, as both Blue Blake and Bobby Blake did with their autobiographies – especially for that price.

    I hope that his next attempt at consolidating his status as porn’s “youthful diva” is better 😁

  7. Well, he used to be one of the greatests bottoms and so beautiful. It’s iconic the prison scene he and Rafael Alencar did for MEN. I try not to judge porn models (they are constantly judged).

    1. I’ve always found him to be a completely forgettable performer. Not totally unappealing, but not the guy I ever focused on in a scene. Certainly nothing “iconic.”

  8. Who’s really paying to read THIS? What story is there to tell? This seems like a waste to me but whatever floats your boat.

  9. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Johnny because he had issues and decided to work things out with a pile of dicks, for a pile of money?

    I’ve heard sadder tales.

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