Charlie Cherry, Drew Dixon, Ty Roderick, Jeremiah Cruz, Jordan Neo, Caio Veyron, Kosta Viking, Harold Lopez, Theo Colucci, and Will Duarte

Drew Dixon was double penetrated by Charlie Cherry and a dildo at Men At Play.

Perp (Ty Roderick) barebacked the security guard (Jeremiah Cruze or Cruz) at Young Perps of Say Uncle.

5’2″ Jordan Neo is the latest bottom at Tim Tales, with 6’0″ Caio Veyron as his top.

Theo Colucci was rimmed mid-air by Will Duarte at Naked Sword.

Feet of Harold Lopez for Kosta Viking at Lucas Entertainment.


  1. Cherrystick

    Anything with Drew Dixon makes my skin crawl. Ugh.

    • Gay PR Daddy

      I wonder if Drew’s Wig has some supernatural powers that gets his boring ass more scenes and coverage. Can’t Drew just crawl under a rock and just hide.

    • NovaStar

      I used to like Drew but now he’s a human pin cushion who acts like he doesn’t have a dick anymore and when he tops, he acts like the bottom doesn’t have a dick either. He’s fallen off big time and it’s very sad to watch.

  2. NovaStar

    None of these films look appealing at all. Men At Play & Lucas used to make good films but now their films are garbage and both of these films looks like shit too. Say Uncle & Tim Tales don’t make good films so they stay consistent. Just bad all across the board.

  3. Ollie

    Top only Charlie cherry is so boring

    • NovaStar

      I made it a point to check out Charlie Cherry’s scenes and you’re absolutely right, he’s very boring. Any top that doesn’t suck dick is trash & to “top” it off, he strikes me as being very selfish and about pleasuring himself & not getting his bottoms off. They are pin cushions to him. When it comes to tops, he’s one of the worst ones out here & sadly there’s so many bad top in gay porn today.

      • Gay PR Daddy

        I think part of being a Good time is actually wanting to be with a Man and not being in it for a Pay off. Charlie Cherry bangs more women outside of Porn then Men so tbh he does seem like your tried and true Gay 4 Payer. Lucas scenes has fallen off badly. Oh well.

  4. Res1

    Caio Veyron is so hot. It’s a real shame he doesn’t feature black men on his OF page.

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