Facial feminization surgery: Igor Romani

Igor Romani is the latest gay porn star who wants to undergo facial feminization surgery.

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Igor had scenes released by Men and The Bro Network.


  1. John

    What a waste. He used to look so good.

  2. Christopher Slusarchuk

    Is Igor transitioning to Female?

  3. Magnus

    This is fucked up. He was a handsome man and had/has a fully formed and functioning penis. There are legitimate intersex people with real issues who need these procedures.

    • JR

      And who do you think you are to say he isn’t one of them?

      • Kevie

        Hey it’s Igor thx for defending me 😉

  4. Jay

    Two words: Social Contagion.

    It ain’t a myth.

    • JR

      Two words. Toxic Asshole.
      There you are.

  5. logogay

    The only thing I wish for him is that he is happy now and it’s exactly that what he always wanted. As long as people, regardless of whether they are men or women, are at peace with what they are doing, I am too. ❤

    • Akerus

      That is a beautiful thought, and I agree with it. People should be able to live their lives in a fulfilling, happy and peaceful manner, for the simple reason that they are not hurting anyone and merely want to be the best that they can be. Transgender people are real and deserve to be respected, understood and supported, without a single doubt. Also, people should be genuinely educated about what transgenderism is, because many are shockingly ignorant about it and think that it’s some bizarre form of sexual deviancy, which isn’t true.

      The problem comes when profit-driven activism interferes with what is a genuine social problem and magnifies it by constantly identifying dangers and attacks where there are none, so as to justify its own existence. Also, the glamorization of autogynephilia and fetishism, which have been erroneously collated with real transgenderism, is something that we ought to be able to openly discuss without being accused of promoting discrimination, transphobia and violence.

      Until we can discuss these and many other issues as adults, without histrionic displays of victimism on one side and frenzied religious bigotry on the other, these people will be misunderstood and sadly, suffer for it.

    • Bsg67

      While trans and woman do zero for me the amount of hate coming from gay men on this post is truly disgusting and we should know better and have far more empathy.

    • asis

      once their penis is messed with they wont feel anything and they have to keep putting a stint in it because the body treats it as a wound.. no dr should mutilate a penis as it does more harm than good.

  6. FieldMedic

    Wow, the amount of transphobic bigots in this comment section…

    • Ryan

      Isn’t it disgusting? I used to think being gay taught us a thing about empathy, acceptance, and being decent people…but the comment section here shows me that doesn’t work on all of us. Transphobes are trash

      • Jay

        People can abuse your empathy and trust, you know that right?. Being gay doesn’t mean uncritically bowing to nonsense.

        Many trans and ‘Queer’ activists are pushing extremist ideas that demand far more than simply ‘being kind’. Accepting extremist ideas uncritically has negative consequences.

        • CC26

          Maybe. But this specific post has nothing to do with extremist or agenda or w/e. So why the hates?

          • Jay

            Because it’s a great example of social contagion and the ‘transtrender’ phenomenon. This guy is just a typical gay dude, and I don’t believe for a second that he has debilitating dysphoria that only a sex change can fix.

            He’s being socially influenced and jumping on the bandwagon.

        • Bsg67

          I was just on insta post read least it’s not a pride flag got nearly 3000 likes that’s what we really should be worried about

    • Jay

      Common sense is not bigotry. And stop with the deliberate ignorance and see what’s staring you straight in the face. People are sick of it.

    • DarkPyro

      Bigotry is now common sense, lol….

  7. Reg

    This reminds me of Pete Burns. He never wanted tits or a vagina, but he did want to facially appear female.

    This guy was handsome, but I honestly don’t think any doctor should be performing surgery on him, because he clearly doesn’t know what he wants his end result to be. I don’t think this is transitioning, it’s more Body Dysmorphia and the way to solve that isn’t to go under the knife :-/

    • asis

      I agree surgery ruins their ability to feel anything and the wound will always try to close.. you just cant simply make a vagina because you want one it doesnt work that way

  8. ericstrondheim8

    This site has become so mean and nasty – I blame the owner for deliberately trying to provoke the mean and nasty commentators on here into saying the most mean and nasty things about people in our community!

    • IDK

      There no “our community”, nor there ever was.

    • Rúben

      What “community”? My invitation got lost in the mail

  9. JJ

    Has HE been diagnosed with gender dysphoria? It’s concerning seeing these guys just pop out as transwomen and transitioning.

    • Rúben

      In these days if you “feel like a woman” you are a woman, no questions asked or else you’re a bigot!

    • JR

      You want him to share his medical history with you? You know nothing about him other than what you see on screen.

      • DarkPyro

        Ummm, Yes since he decided to share all this unnatural stuff, it would be nice to know he’s actually been psychologically evaluated. You can pretend all you want, but he’ll never be a Female….

      • Igor

        I just did it’s on tiktok go check it out -igor

  10. MOP User

    It’s very odd that he built muscle, has stubble, has a masculine haircut and participated in gay porn, but apparently has gender dysphoria and suddenly wants to look like a female…

  11. HJ

    He can fool himself and maybe even fool gullible strangers, but a person born as a man will never be a woman. Sad that he’s encouraged to vandalize his body when the problem is clearly in his mind.

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