Loves to top: Liam of Corbin Fisher, Mateo Thomas, and Cliff Jensen

Liam has been fucked twice in his twelve scenes with guys at Corbin Fisher. His latest bottom was Eli.

Mateo Thomas had four scenes as the top at Cutler’s Den. He is up next at The Bro Network with Only Matt as his bottom.

Cliff Jensen has never been fucked in porn since he started in 2010. It’s the reason why he quit Men since he was required to bottom. His latest had him top Devin Franco at Naked Sword.

17 thoughts on “Loves to top: Liam of Corbin Fisher, Mateo Thomas, and Cliff Jensen

  1. Cliff and Devin have both hit lows in my book within recent times with their recent actions so that scene is a hell to the no for me.

      1. The porn that he produces and engages in nowadays is just too much. It’s not my taste and so I’ve loss interest.

  2. Uhhh there’s a lot to say
    Firstly Corbin Fisher : this website has been dead for a long time too, no new cast members and if they come back then for Straight or Bi Scenes, boring monthly roaster show, it’s a waste of my hard earned money i never paid.
    Then Bro Network : a Canadian Straightporn G4P Agenda Website owned by Mindgeek and so far only hiring Straight Performers who never rim or kiss, totally silly, boring.
    And finally Cliff, a self-proclaimed bi man (LOL), who has now proudly announced that he has realized his dream and from now on he can only work for the Straight Porn Industry. Well then, I think this will be one of his last “work” for us gay men, which he personally finds so repulsive. I say no thanks, goodbye and hopefully you never come back with your disgusting views on gay work and gay men Cliff……..

    1. logogay: have you actually watched any cf scenes – past and present? Almost everything they put out is hot. What is it that you’re looking for? Apparently it’s not hot, ripped, college-like studs getting it on. Reply back when you’ve done your homework.

      1. Why so impulsive? It’s my Opinion, I don’t have to pay any website to watch hot, ripped, college-like studs. Also I do my homework by seeing what they release and what has they been released since the end of last year is always the same, always the same Roaster, especially Rocky or Dylan were way too overexposed. And from the last Solo Guys there was one who had only done bi, another one shot two straight scenes and no one gay. Okay, the performers might be hot, ripped, college-like studs, but I don’t have to pay for the same thing every month, let alone straight or bi porn. The gay porn world is (still) big enough out there to have a choice (thank goodness). It’s just one of many Opinions Sir

      2. Oh, CF peaked YEARS ago. They used to have some amazing models…Jeff, PETE (who started as a model and then ran the site’s podcast), Dawson, Sean (RIP), Lucas (on-the-lam), Cade, Derek, there were another two models who tragically died, with one being gay-bashed and the scenes were terrific! Now though, the guys just don’t compare and the scenes are underwhelming.

        It was years ago now, but they fired their entire crew, including Pete, replaced them with cheaper people and the scenes suffered. And their models…yeesh, but they went from college guys, to college drop-outs.

        1. I feel the same way.
          There’s no denying that they’ve deteriorated a lot. Times have just changed. Producing straight and bi scenes is no longer worthwhile for a studio that is mainly designed for gay people. Give people what they want to see or you lose. Very simple concept. I just feel sorry for the consumers who are so obsessively obsessed with a studio or performer and unfortunately can’t help but continue to like them. And it is exactly from such people that studios or actors can only keep themselves in the industry who are actually no longer good.

  3. Cliff whatever as that one thinks his gay porn super star and he aint.

    Mateo nah this performer does knowt for me.

    Now Liam I do like and hope he moves on from Corbin Fisher as he is good performer and needs to broaden his horizons. He needs to bottom more as he looks great getting fucked, can you image him at (Tim’s Tale’s) but Corbin unfortunately had limited tops and the studios is lazy at recruiting new models despite their firm financial setting. Saying that a scene with Barron who is not my favourite looks wise is on the cards for Liam I hope.

    1. Liam is so fucking sexy and hot. And I agree,,,,him bottoming is super hot to watch.
      Let’s hope he starts work at other studios once the contract is up….or even maybe an OF?

  4. Mateo Thomas and Only Matt make a great couple, as they are both gorgeous.

    Cliff Jensen’s act was already stale ten years ago, but since the number of men willing to do porn isn’t exactly large, I guess that this is why he still has a “career”. The Liam/Eli scene looks nice enough, but it doesn’t look like it’s something to write home about.

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