Then and now: Bruce Harrelson aka Bobby Orel

The solo of Bruce Harrelson is the latest update at Fresh Men.

His latest scenes as Bobby Orel, introduced in 2021 at William Higgins, were released last February.

Which one is the latest on Bruce aka Bobby? It’s his live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free [room].

* He is also known as Bruce Paul, Xander Lux, and Adam Shaw.

7 thoughts on “Then and now: Bruce Harrelson aka Bobby Orel

  1. I like him and his buggy eyes. His Higgins’s shoots are good. The only thing I don’t like is that fake tan.

    1. LMAO “buggy eyes”. There is actually a medical condition (s) that make eyes bug out like that. I knew quite a few dudes with the condition.

  2. I like him, but just hate that I have to wait a couple of years before I see a lot of him. I hope I don’t get bored by that time because that happened to me for too many models at BelAmi

  3. Amazing that since Bill passed William Higgins is still in business. Suppose their archive alone is worth $ or perhaps they’re a Prague institution.

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