1. Rick

    Anyone else feel that the shitposters on here are going to scream “BIGOT!!!” if anyone comments on this?

    • Jessie

      The only bigots out there are MG.. they could care less about gay men, but they sure do love that gay money like every other corporation does during pride month.

      • Gazzaq

        I agree to many people jumping on the band wagon to gain the gay communities money and attention and I aint buying it!

  2. IDK

    We live in a society.

    Also, I think it’s pretty telling how MG posted this on all of their sites… except for Brazzers.

    It really makes me think….

  3. HJ

    I’m sexually attracted to men. I don’t want to see women, or individuals who have altered their appearance to resemble women.

  4. Thanks Egon

    MEN. OF. PORN. Why is that so FUCKING difficult for this FUCKING site to understand? MEN. I am not interested in seeing breasts or vaginas – in whatever configuration. Period. MEN. OF. PORN. Change the fucking site name or get with the program.

  5. EdWoody

    I like it as an idea. I won’t be watching it, but I like it as an idea, if only because it will annoy all the right people.

    • Alias74

      Bingo. That said…i think it’s hot, especially as a consumer who loves ALL kinds of porn, especially good bisexual porn which is such a damn rarity nowadays (I’m over WhyNotBi and BiPhoria’s assembly line porn….prefer the realness of amateur stuff, BiGuysFuck and some of the lesser known international companies).

    • IDK

      The “right people” that sure aren’t straight!

      How progressive!

  6. Rockhard288

    This encompasses the current state of our community. Two trans, one female and a bi guy that doesn’t want anything to do with gay men too much. But when gay men complain then it’s their problem?

  7. Reg

    A porn company called “MEN” and biological and female-in-appearance MTF. If crossover content appeared on EVERY website, including those that are deeply homophobic, then I wouldn’t have a problem. Instead though, it’s the gay websites that are expected to accept this and the audience branded biphobic, transphobic and even heterophobic for not wanting to watch.

    You subscribe to a website that caters in gay porn and find yourself paying for videos that are anything but? The straight websites would lose all of their subscribers if they were put in the same situation.

  8. Cherrystick

    This isn’t inclusion, it’s exclusion. Gay men shouldn’t have to endure seeing tits and vaginas in their realm of porn. Period.

    The push that’s so evident from MindGeek is exhausting. You posted this on all sites except the str8 one. If you’re trying to be inclusive, you’re doing this completely wrong. If you’re going to force gay men to have to see this as a post on their “supposedly” represented site, why aren’t you doing the same on the str8 side. It’s almost as if gay porn is now the test site. That’s not fair to us.

    They didn’t post this on Brazzers because this wouldn’t have lasted three seconds before a damn riot would’ve exploded. Can’t piss off the str8 men but the gay men will take it no matter what?!? They give the respect of taste to one side.

    Now for whoever enjoys this porn, bravo to you and your taste. This is your representation and I congratulate you but this really should be allocated to bisexual, pansexual, trans porn sites. Homosexual men are tired of being the pushovers or the punching bags of the porn world. Stop trying this push and allow us to have our representation to ourselves. We don’t have to like this porn to be an ally and to the ones that will have some shit to say, we’re not bigots or phobics because we don’t want to see this either.

    • logogay

      I congratulate you, you give our community (GAY) a Voice,
      I’ve only heard us poor FTMs or we poor transsexuals or we poor women in the “gay” industry for the last few months…… then just leave it alone , there are enough individual websites that are or have been extra distributed where they could release it,
      WNB used to be extra too but now they “force” it on paying gay customers just about every month, these people have no choice but until then it’s “just” a scene, it doesn’t hurt anyone….gag…..this Agenda doesn’t deserve to be criticized otherwise, hopefully that will also affect them financially, gradually that they will soon go broke, everything Sounds reminds me of “Gayhoppla” and their homophobic views……also this Actor “Dante Colle” (or as he calls himself) has long since withdrawn from the “G4P” business, at least is shooting only Straight Porn for this Company (Mindgeek, Brazzers and Co….) He once claimed in the past to be bi first and then pan…. well, you can see how he is…….Men don’t have sex with Men anymore…. This whole Straight Agenda and its employees and teams have only one goal….. to “terrorize” Gays in “their” territory and that in “Pride Month”.. … nice Ideology from them…..

  9. Alex W

    It’s nice to see a shift. Gay men are finally waking up and not allowing themselves to be railroaded by this intrusive agenda. I’ve been reading and partaking on these blog comment sections for a while now and when I first started, it was quite the opposite. We’ve been manipulated and gaslighted to the point of submission. The mere opposition to something that is not innate to us was met with backlash and an ugly branding of “bigot”. Phobism, Sexism et al. The word “gay” has become synonymous with sexual fluidity, Forcibly having to acknowledge trans as that labeled sexual identity (and I am not against trans people as people wanting to live their lives). In recent months, I have seen an overwhelming amount of resistance to this and it’s restoring my faith in the gay community. Inclusivity doesn’t mean compromise.

  10. Camille

    Not really my type of porn. But It’s up to them.

  11. McM.

    While I agree with some comments here from gay men who want to see… well, gay men fucking, I am becoming indifferent to these uploads. MEN has folded Why Not Bi into their site, so trans content was to be expected.

    My attention, and money, go to sites which almost exclusively focus on men fucking men. Over the past few years I think I’ve seen a small handful of thematic movies/scenes mentioning heterosexually. The relationship was way in the past before the character found he was gay, he’s currently in a loving long-term relationship with another man, and remains on excellent terms with the ex-wife.

    Simplifies things for me. For others, if they want to subscribe to MEN for bad comedy and 20 decent scenes a year, more power to them.

    • IDK

      My main problem with this shite is how cynical it is.

      If MG really cared about “diversity” and whatnot they would post these kinds of scenes on their straight sites as well, spaces where these “diversity statements” would actually matter.

      But no! They plaster this all over their gay sites because they know many gay men are hypersensitive to accusations of bigotry to the point they can do whatever they want without being called out.

      This is disgusting by principle.

  12. Hal

    Surprise surprise, Dante Colle makes an appearance. Pretty sure he’s done with gay porn professionally but I guess he has to keep up appearance every now and then.

  13. SexPositiveReal

    I am all for the inclusion of these scenes in the adult industry. Representation matters and whether we like to admit it or not, as gay men we have a lot of privilege in our community. Bisexual men have long been stigmatized in adult film, let’s not forget that there was no such thing as crossover a decade ago. It was straight or gay – nothing else.

    I have to admit, though, I agree with being forced to consume a pansexual scene on a site branded as gay porn. I am a gay man that loves men. I prefer to see men having sex together. Maybe the industry has expanded enough for a designated site to exist for this content. It’s a pass for me on this.

    • Sauron

      How tf bisexual guys are stigmatized when they make up majority of male pornstars?!

  14. Bruiser

    Just more Mind Geek circus sex. Does anyone actually pay to get off to this clown fest?

  15. Gazzaq

    I am not a fan of these types of scenes so dont bother to watch them, and I have notice over the last few years how as gay men, that we are expected to embrace ‘all comers’ within the industry who appear under the umbrellas title of Gay Porn.

    We are suppose to accept it with the old cliché, “put up and shut up and be grateful we grace you with our appearance” after all you are the ‘other’ so why are you guys complaining about these individuals working within the gay porn industry!

    I am glad that is now being questioned!

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