Filmed more than 10 years ago: Mick Lovell and Johnny Bloom

Mick Lovell left Belami Online in 2013. If you thought the studio released the last scene of Mick in 2018, the archeologists at Belami Online found another one.

This is an OTS edit of a scene that has quite an odd (and disappointing) story. Mick and Johnny’s original encounter was filmed as a flip-flop scene, but due to a technical malfunction, the memory card that held all the main footage of Mick fucking Johnny was left unreadable and useless, and, as Mick was flying home the next day, we couldn’t refilm it.

We’re going through the documentary camera footage now to see if we can make an edit like this from the material, so we will be able to let you know soon, but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy Lukas Ridgeston here directing Mick and Johnny in this classic scene.

Mick made his presence felt on Twitter in 2021 but nothing came out it.

– Old live cam shows of Mick at Flirt 4 Free [room].

3 thoughts on “Filmed more than 10 years ago: Mick Lovell and Johnny Bloom

  1. In my opinion Mick is the biggest star BelAmi has had. Handsome as hell, great muscular body and an awesome performer in bed. Excellent bottom. But also a funny and witty person. It’s really sad he left after only two years in early spring of 2013. I don’ tt think he filmed any scene after august 2012, when he suddenly became silent on Twitter. He started tweeting again in december the same year.

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